“We still strongly believe in the SA story” – MultiChoice CEO, Calvo Mawela at WEF 23, Davos

Multichoice CEO Calvo Mawela tells Bronwyn Nielsen how South Africa’s presence at WEF 2023 in Davos is an opportunity to show the world that SA is a solid country to invest in.

Calvo Mawela on investing in South Africa 

I am excited about tonight’s event. It is an opportunity for us to showcase what South Africa has to offer. We strongly believe in the South African story. You can get a good return by investing in South Africa. 

Interest rates and inflation to decline 

People are beginning to say that while inflation is at its peak, it is about to come down. Interest rates will come down as well. Let’s open up the world and trade amongst each other. In that way, we should be able to bring information down and get the world to a better place.  

Multichoice’s green energy transition  

We are very much for climate change and we are saying to everybody, let us act responsibly and make sure we do things that are not going to affect the climate very badly. In South Africa, we have seen floods happening in areas that we never used to see any floods, and it demonstrates that we need to move the dial in terms of attending to the just transition and bringing more green energy. Multichoice is doing its part. We are moving the whole energy provision of our campus into green energy. We might have something to say in the next few months on how far we have come in that area. 

Artificial intelligence being a key area of focus at Davos

Artificial intelligence is a key area for us. It helps businesses identify opportunities quicker than we have done before. We have focused on making sure our data is protected and at the same time, we do not invade people’s day-to-day lives unnecessarily. The theme coming across in Davos is that computing and data is going to be a big element of the world going forward. However, everybody is very sensitive to the responsible use of data and making sure we respect people’s privacy.

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