Carrie Adams: Cold nights call for cassoulet and cabernet

By Carrie Adams

“This is the solstice, the still point of the sun, its cusp and midnight, the year’s threshold and unlocking, where the past lets go of and becomes the future; the place of caught breath.”

Margaret Atwood

June 21st marks the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere and with it the promise of the coldest still to come. The deep heart of winter when the earth is furthest away from the sun and the shadows are long and eerie. There’s a whole lot about winter that I love, actually. The clothes are soft and comfortable. The winter sheets on my bed evoke memories of childhood tuck-ins at night with hot chocolate and stories. The landscape in all its skeletal loveliness. It’s all a big oxymoron really because outside my window the bare branches reach arthritically out into the watery daylight and clatter against my window in the wind at night and it should be scary and lonely but I think with all the fur and fluff and fire the silence of winter is somehow neutralised. And of course, the food… and the wine.

This is one pot territory. Big pots. Mulligatawny or oxtail with lashings of creamy mash and french string beans. Or pork cassoulet and white beans. Toasted marshmallows dunked in liquid chocolate. I could expand. It’s a fabulous time of year to hunker down and catch up on all the books you wanted to read. Clear out the thousands of photographs you’ve senselessly held onto on your phone or go through the summer clothes cupboard to make space for a few new outfits come September. It’s also wine time so get into the BizNews shop and find something delicious. Next week I hope to give you some breaking news on a few new labels coming into the shop but for now,  you know what your favourites are. Mine are pretty much all of them but the season does sound the big, rich cabernet and shiraz notes, so dive right in and discover.

In the meantime – happy sipping!

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