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By Alec Hogg

Some years ago, a leading businesswoman canceled her Premium subscription over the performance of a particular stock in the BizNews portfolio. She was furious about losing money after I had initially been singing the praises of the organisation concerned. Her frustration primarily stemmed from missing the suggestion some months before, to sell that same stock, which had now plummeted.

Yesterday, I received an email from a member who had not followed the monthly webinar and wanted to know what changes had been made since the BizNews Shyft portfolio was launched almost two years ago. As it turns out, catching up is straightforward as the monthly webinars are prominently featured in the Premium section (click here).


The essential point, however, is that while we should heed Warren Buffettโ€™s advice to approach each stock purchase as if its holding period is โ€œforever,โ€ we must also remember the Oracleโ€™s suggestion to never abdicate responsibility for your money to someone else. No one will monitor your financial investments as vigilantly as you.

And when it comes to companies, circumstances change. One of our portfolio’s great escapes involved selling Metrobank at ยฃ30. The stock now trades at 41p. 2U was another example. Although we took a loss selling at $5.81 in September 2022, when a supposed $15 per share offer from Indian group Byju did not materialise, it was a prudent decision. The shares now trade at 93c.

We live in a changing world, and so do the stock markets.



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