No soft landings for SAP’s corporate crooks in Gupta saga – Save SA

Statement from Save SA*

The Save South Africa campaign welcomes German software giant SAP’s decision to finally come clean on its corrupt dealings with the Guptas – but we insist that it must go further.

SAP must provide full disclosure. We demand a full account of what happened. And all those involved – on both sides of the R100-million kickback – must be charged with corruption.

The “internal reports” and “soft landings” provided by corporates such as KPMG, McKinsey and SAP when they are caught in state capture projects are offensive. Executives and managers who have broken the law must not be given a silent golden handshake or be allowed to tiptoe out the back door – they must be taken to the nearest police station, and booked.

SAP and its fellow crooked mutlinationals must show regard and respect for the South African people by submitting themselves to our Constitution and laws which require transparency and accountability.

We also call on their clients to demand the same level of accountability, and to act in a way that is consistent with Business Leadership South Africa’s integrity pledge

State Owned Companies which have done deals with these devils should also not take comfort from a biased internal investigation that remains the secret property of SAP. They must join us in demanding full disclosure and SAP’s submission to our laws.

Guptas: Things fall apart. More of Zapiro’s brilliant work available at

And although we welcome the growing international attention being paid to state capture by the FBI, the US Department of Justice and British and Dutch authorities, we believe it is a shameful indictment on South Africa’s own law enforcement authorities that they have failed to lay one single criminal charge inside their own area of jurisidction.

The captured leadership of the National Prosecuting Authority and the Hawks should hang their heads in shame.

Finally: SAP also owes investigative journalist unit amaBhungane an explanation for why it denied the allegations against it in July, only to admit to them three months later. We believe SAP would do well to show some remorse for this act of deception by supporting the unit’s work materially, in the interests of exposing even more truths about state capture and corporate theft.

  • Save South Africa is a campaign made up of organisations, civil society groups, business leaders, prominent individuals, South African citizens and supporters of the founding principles of our democracy. The campaign has formed under the banner of holding government leaders accountable to the Constitution and the values they have pledged to uphold as representatives of the people.
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