Accountability Now sues the Public Protector

Accountability Now media statement:

Accountability Now has launched an urgent application in the Pretoria High Court seeking an order declaring that the Public Protector is no longer fit for office. The case is based on adverse findings of the courts in recent litigation against the Public Protector. The matter is provisionally enrolled for 22 October, 2019.

The High Court in Pretoria earlier ruled in the SA Reserve Bank’s judicial review proceedings concerning the remedial action against it, taken by the Public Protector, that she should pay costs to the bank out of her own pocket (de bonis propriis).

This was done as a mark of the Court’s disapproval of the manner in which the Public Protector conducted herself.

After the Constitutional Court upheld the de bonis propriis costs award on appeal in July 2019, Accountability Now became pro-active about the fitness for office of the Public Protector:

  • The Legal Practice Council was asked by Accountability Now to investigate her conduct with a view to moving to strike her off the roll of advocates, which will render her ineligible for office; 
  • the criminal justice administration was asked to investigate a charge of perjury against her arising out of the Court findings; 
  • the President was asked to suspend her; 
  • the Justice Portfolio Committee was asked (again) to investigate her methodology and mendacity.

The Pretoria High court has now been approached to grant declaratory and mandatory relief in respect of her conduct and her competence by declaring that the Public Protector is no longer fit for office.

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