DA says Patriotic Alliance sinks coalition talks for Jhb City Council

Solly Msimanga MPL – DA Gauteng Leader

Media release, Johannesburg, 04 May 2023: Negotiations between the DA and its former coalition partners in Johannesburg ended today, following demands by the Patriotic Alliance for Kenny Kunene to be the Mayoral candidate, as well as two Mayoral Committee portfolios.

Shortly after discussions adjourned Mr Gayton McKenzie confirmed on Twitter that the PA “shall never distance themselves from the ANC.”

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The DA rejected the demand for Kenny Kunene to be the Mayoral candidate, and reaffirmed our position that, in order to enter coalition negotiations with the DA, the PA would have to move out of the ambit of the ANC in nine municipalities around the country where the PA is in coalition with the ANC.

During the talks, the DA proposed reverting to the last negotiated agreement in Johannesburg, as the only existing agreement on which an alternative to the ANC/EFF can be based.

Removing one government without having any idea how we will constitute a viable alternative would  inevitably lead to more chaos.  We would then find ourselves negotiating afterwards with a gun to our heads, in what would amount to little more than extortion in the horse-trading for positions.

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The DA has a clear policy:  we negotiate and sign coalition agreements before we move into government.  That is why we are prepared to revive the coalition agreement on which our previous coalition government was based, before we were toppled from power when the PA voted with the ANC.

Given that we face the Council vote tomorrow, this is the only way in which, at the 11th hour, there is any chance of establishing an alternative coalition to replace the ANC/EFF without ensuing chaos, conflict and instability.

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