My truck is better than yours – Elon Musk vs Ford

Elon Musk is the inventor with the love of superlatives, bigger, faster, higher and many times you could add boom! to that as his rockets explode or his Cybertrucks windows are smashed in a big reveal. But there is clearly no such thing as bad publicity for the Tesla CEO. Despite the Oh F***ck exclamation when a metal ball made mince meat out of his Cybertrucks window; failure is not deterring Musk and he bragged on Twitter that orders for the truck has surpassed 200,000. When Porsche launched the Taycan; the talk was all about the Tesla killer. But Tesla fans were quick to point out that Tesla’s Model S beat the Taycan’s lap on the famous Nurburgring in Germany by 20 seconds. When Top Gear staged a drag race between the two cars; Porsche came out as the winner. Tesla protested that the race was not fair forcing Top Gear to release a clarification. Now Ford wants to take on Musk following Tesla’s video of a Cybertruck outperforming a Ford, claiming the video that Musk showed was not fair. Musk, who thrives on competition and sees setbacks as a brief pause in his quests, of course, replied “bring it on.” – Linda van Tilburg

Musk accepts Ford challenge to apples-to-apples truck tug of war

By Keith Naughton

(Bloomberg) – Tesla’s Elon Musk plainly says his pickup is a “better truck than an F-150.” Ford is taking issue with that claim.

While releasing a series of specs last week for Cybertruck, which is scheduled to start deliveries as soon as late 2021, Musk called up a video of the the pickup in a tug-of-war against Ford’s best-selling F-150. He tweeted a clip of the test on Sunday showing his vehicle pulling a screeching Ford model up a hill.

Ford thinks Musk was making an apples-to-oranges comparison. The video the Tesla chief executive officer tweeted appears to show a two-wheel drive version of the F-150 against an all-wheel drive Cybertruck. Other details that could have factored in which pickup won out include curb weight and tire type.Sundeep Madra, vice president of Ford X, the automaker’s unit for developing new business models, challenged Musk on Monday to send Ford a Cybertruck. He linked to a post by the car-enthusiast site that questioned whether Tesla’s test was “fair game.”

Musk responded to Madra: “Bring it on.”

Tesla and Ford have been at this before. More than a year after Musk tweeted a boast about how much weight Tesla’s truck would be able to tow, Ford released a promotional video of an electric F-150 prototype dragging more than 1 million pounds of double-decker rail cars.

Here’s a breakdown of how Ford’s most popular gasoline-fueled F-150 stacks up against Tesla’s most commonly ordered Cybertruck as of Saturday, according to a Musk tweet.


F-150 XLT SuperCrew 4X4


Dual motor all-wheel electric drive 3.5 litre EcoBoost V-6


$49,900 $47,150


300+ miles 684 miles

Bed length

6.5 feet 6.5 feet

Towing capacity

10,000+ pounds 12,700 pounds

Ground clearance

Up to 16 inches 9.3 inches


Adaptive air Independent double-wishbone front, leaf spring and solid axle rear

Body panels

High-strength stainless steel High-strength aluminium

Approach angle

35 degrees 25.5 degrees

Departure angle

28 degrees 26.4 degrees
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