Japan bond bubble

US inflation bonds back in vogue

More and more U.S. investment money is flowing into inflation-linked bonds as American investors begin to worry about the possibility that inflation is on the rise. This is an interesting development. Since the 2007 financial crisis, most monetary fears have been focused on the possibility of deflation. Investors have struggled to find yield, piling into … Read more

diamond stocks

Investors talk up diamond mining stocks. Happily-ever-after shares?

By Jackie Cameron Diamond mining stocks are increasingly being punted in the UK as exciting additions to global investment portfolios. Investors Chronicle, an influential publication, recently highlighted Gem Diamonds (GEMD: LSE) and Petra Diamonds (PDL: LSE), for their investment potential (for more on that, read Diamond stocks sparkle: Investment ideas). Weekly financial Shares has also come … Read more

On avoiding investment scams

By Felicity Duncan I am constantly amazed by how many people – smart, sensible, high-functioning adults – get caught by investment scams. Time and again I met people or hear from people who have bought into some or other pie-in-the-sky investment scheme and lost their shirts when it turned out to be a con. These … Read more

Canadian cable companies launch competitor to Netflix

From Agence France-Presse Two of Canada’s largest cable companies teamed up Tuesday to launch an online television service to compete with Netflix, amid fears of dwindling traditional television viewership. Shomi, the new video-on-demand service launched by Roges Communications and Shaw Communications, will offer subscribers 1,200 movies and 340 television series initially on computers, tablets, smartphones, … Read more