Coke revenue misses estimates as soda sales slow

For the 120-odd years that the Coca-Cola Company has been around, the soda business has been a solid, profitable industry. Sugary drinks are delicious, refreshing, and (especially when mixed with caffeine) addictive – they sell themselves. But in the last few years, the soda biz has begun to experience adversity thanks to the global obesity … Read more

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Apple’s share buy-back plan will probably end in disappointment: investment analysis

From a South African perspective, it’s tempting to buy the shares of the world’s most exciting technology companies, with Apple (AAPL: Nasdaq) a prime example. The allure of its superior smartphones and market-leading tablets puts Apple right up there among the world’s stock market must-haves. And that’s before we consider that Apple is a very rich company. If … Read more