BEE shares prices – at the close, Friday 17 Jan

Strong trading in the Imperial Holdings BEE scheme Ukhamba continued today with more than 80 deals concluded. The most recent new listing, Welkom Yizani, is also experiencing active two-way trade around the issue price of R10. Friday also saw a good trading day in Assupol Holdings with over R500 000 worth of shares changing hands.

MTN Zakhele postponed trading: could it be a blessing in disguise?

The delay in the listing of MTN Zakhele has been widely criticised by shareholders waiting to trade months after the promised date. But it’s not all bad. In this thoughtful contribution, BEE share specialist Craig Gradidge argues that there is a bright side to the postponement. And uses hard numbers to support his view. – AH … Read more

Buy Imperial Holdings shares today at 41% discount – provided you’re Black

By Alec Hogg In 1998, when the late Imperial Holdings CEO Bill Lynch used R15m of the group’s money to establish the Ukhamba Trust, he was probably following his own credo of “Just do it.” Fifteen years on, the magic has happened. By any measure, Ukhamba is one of the most successful Black Economic Empowerment schemes. … Read more

MTN Zakhele muck-up continues. Needs two more weeks before trading. And PWC’s audit?

The MTN Zakhele reputational disaster took another turn today with its announcement its trading platform needs another  two weeks before it can attempt re-opening. And then only maybe. As the Press Release republished below notes, trading might resume on the 17th December. Maybe. If testing is successful. Over the past few days I’ve spoken to … Read more