The BizNews tribe has spoken: the curse of Eskom

By Courtney van der Walt

For the past three weeks, South Africans have been bearing the brunt of increased loadshedding, varying between stages 6 and 3 and as expected, many are frustrated and angry. Eskom’s CEO Andre de Ruyter has come under fire, with many calling for him to be sacked, and disturbing news was discovered at the weekend when the power utility reported that a sophisticated bug was found in De Ruyter’s vehicle.

Eskom restructure

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan informed Eskom management that a review has been finalised and that the board will be “reconstituted and restructured,” after the country’s worst-ever power cuts in the 14 years since loadshedding began. Unlike most of our Community Speaks, this time there is one opinion across the board – Eskom’s problems will not be fixed by restructuring the same entity. 

Brian Ferreira said; “OK comrades. You have all made enough money to retire very comfortably, now it’s time to give our other friends a chance.”

Andre Louw said; “Restructure the ANC – into oblivion”

Marius van Emmenes said; “As if a restructure is going to make any difference at all!!! The only restructure that will make any difference is a change of government!!!”

Ken Gilday said; “Appoint engineers and artisans to fix things, not board puppets!!!”

Sandra Brown said; “Eskom’s problems will not be fixed by the board. Eskom’s problems will only be fixed when immediate and drastic action is taken against incompetent, corrupt, and negligent employees at all levels. Scheduled maintenance not done? Fire the maintenance manager. Maintenance done incorrectly? Fire the supervisor. Unit goes out of service because of negligence? Fire the unit manager. Immediately. No suspensions on full pay, no crap. Just fire them with immediate effect. And then send out a memo to all staff explaining why they have been fired. It won’t take long before the employees understand they need to do their jobs – timeously and competently.”

B_o_f_h_ said; “Kicking the dead horse / losing row team, by replacing the head/managers, instead of getting the right rowers/body :(”

Ralph Thompson said; “How are a pharmacist and a trade unionist going to fix an electrical engineering problem which they have had oversight for? How many years already? They are the problem, not the board”

RichardKruger4 said; “Watch out here comes here come the big fall. Let’s see how many genuine experts he has appointed v/s cronies. Let’s see how long De Ruyter will last under new board???”

CGF said; “When the political interference from the SA govn stops, that’s when the #Eskom board will self-determine who and what they actually need to repair Eskom! Until then the “musical chairs” & guessing of how to fix the issues will simply continue!”

Who’s to blame?

Many community members have made mention of the current zeitgeist in South Africa of turning a blind eye instead of actioning real valuable change. Within the BizNews Tribe, the blame has widely been put on the “clowns of the ANC”. 

Mark Jacobs said; “These incompetent fools are just clowning around. This is obviously a distraction from the important matter and clearly not a very convincing one.”

Peter Vickery said; “Pravin should be fired, for appointing unqualified people in the first place…..”

PringleTrade said; “If you try to close down corrupt practices, they will try to close you down.”

Local and Global Updates said; “Germany has an installed capacity of 220GW to supply a demand of 70GW. That’s a reserve margin of 214 %. Note that dispatchable capacity of fossil and nuclear(78.8 GW) in Germany covers the demand > 100%. But Germany will teach RSA how to run 100% fossil- free? Our leaders are either stupid or just puppet leaders 🤭”

JoeCitizen3 said; “BIG THIEVES at work again….Seems like the clowns of the ANC are @ it again with their corrupt forces & syndicate”

Lawlardia said; “If you want the Job then you need balls to get things done. You can’t keep on blaming everyone else but you don’t act. Come on!”

Adelaide Machado said; “It’s confirmed people!! We’re a mafia state run by gangsters and thugs!!”

Null hypothesis said; “ANC is praying for more Zama Zama’s, GBV, Coffin cases, dam bursts and floods right now. Any thing to distract from the hell they’re putting poor ANC voters through.”

EL_VATO  said; “Political sabotage and devoted cadres are to blame for this”

AngelaD63148545 said; “The ANC is responsible for this mess!! And Mbeki has the audacity to point fingers at the current vrot lot when HE was the one this started with. The arrogant sod!! HE thought that HE knew better than Eskom and HE decided not to invest in more power capacity.”

What are your thoughts on the current loadshedding issues plaguing the nation and Eskom’s role in this? Share your views below.

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