Join the Conversation: Nedbank’s role as a leader in sustainable finance

As a leading funder of renewable energy in South Africa, Nedbank is focused on delivering positive change through the products and services it offers to its clients. Arvana Singh, head of Sustainable Finance Solutions at Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking joins us on Finance Day at COP27 in Egypt.

Arvana Singh on sustainable finance through Nedbank 

Sustainable finance and the manner in which we’ve been able to pioneer, innovate and collaborate with players in the ecosystem has enabled us to be at the lead of this particular arena. We have been recognised for this by the likes of Global Finance magazine, as well as Euromoney in the past. Ultimately, we believe that our success has been due to our ability and expertise to use sustainable finance in a manner that creates real impact and is ultimately moving the economy forward in an economic manner.

On Nedbank’s success from an industry positioning perspective 

In addition to the work we have been doing on the funding side, we have been engaging quite closely with our clients on the African continent. Imperial logistics is a good example of that, where we partnered with them to launch a R1bn sustainability loan. We continue to progress this particular type of finance as we skated across other borrowers where we negotiated with them around sustainability indicators and targets which we embed into the financing. 

On being the first to issue a sustainability linked syndicated term loan 

Yes, first of its kind, where we’ve embedded what we refer to as bespoke internal key performance indicators, where we commit as Nedbank to effectively enhance the way that we power our operations and ultimately, that will assist in bringing down carbon emissions. 

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