Driving green infrastructure projects at scale across the African continent – COP27

The African Sovereign Investors Forum (ASIF) represents 10 African sovereign wealth funds that have sustainability at the core of their investment mandates. ASIF is partnering with the Alliance on Green Infrastructure in Africa to help drive green infrastructure projects at scale across the African continent.

Excerpts from the interview with Obaid Amrane, Chairman of African Sovereign Investors Forum

How the African Sovereign Investors Forum is channelling climate change 

The African Sovereign Investment Forum is a platform of 10 African sovereign wealth funds working on creating the scale in the preparation and development of large-scale products. Those sovereign wealth funds are developments that have a diverse mandate to sustainability. So, when it comes to green infrastructure, the collaboration with Asia is one of the first achievements in channelling private investments through those assets. 

Whether Africa can leapfrog the world with renewable electricity 

African countries have the potential to leapfrog not only electricity or green energy generation, but also electro-intensive industries to create more value in activities with affordable green electricity. 

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