Climate engineering is the greatest, most immediate threat to the human race – Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch

Every time the investigation into climate change – which has quickly emerged as one of the most contentious issues of our time – has reached a new depth, the complexity of the matter has intensified, with numerous factors crawling out of the woodwork. Gaining knowledge on the subject has been akin to peeling a proverbial knowledge onion with unlimited layers. A quote by Albert Einstein sums it up beautifully, “The more I learn, the more I realise how much I don’t know.” Across the board, a deeper look into the climate change debate saw climate engineering – otherwise referred to as geoengineering – prop up as a factor that could not be ignored when discussing climate change. To explore the concept of geoengineering, BizNews spoke to Dane Wigington, the lead researcher at and executive producer of the groundbreaking documentary The Dimming. Wigington astutely broke down the timeline of climate engineering, how it has been used as a weapon in weather warfare, and how these operations are decimating the planet’s life support systems and its ability to respond to any changes that are occurring. An incredibly revelatory interview. – Nadya Swart

Please see timestamped topics below:

00:54: Primary objective at

02:09: Weather modification used as a weapon

02:58: Dane Wigington’s story – how he became aware of climate engineering

04:55: Primary elements named in climate engineering patents found in the atmosphere

05:44: The stated goal of solar radiation management

06:19: The environmental impact of dumping aluminium into the atmosphere

08:44: The impact on human health resulting from dumping aluminium into the atmosphere

09:32: The timeline of climate engineering operations

12:07: Instances when climate intervention operations were used as weather warfare

13:43: The climate change narrative as a strategy to normalise climate engineering

16:54: What geoengineering does

18:38: The denial that climate engineering operations are already happening

19:51: How climate intervention operations have disabled the planet’s ability to respond

22:12: The decimation of the biosphere – not an intent, but a consequence of climate engineering

25:55: What psychoanalysis has determined in respect of those in power

29:42: The hypocrisy of so-called environmental groups

31:27: Climate engineering events that were demonstrations for the attendees of climate conferences

32:51: Health-related consequences of climate engineering

33:42: How air-quality testing is designed not to detect toxic nanoparticles

34:50: Climate engineering as the core causal factor relating to unprecedented wildfires

36:54: A US military document titled ‘Forest fires as a military weapon.’

38:28: California’s recent drought – an example of climate engineering and not a natural phenomenon

40:14: The condensation trail lie/chemtrails

41:46: The large-scale manipulation of populations

43:46: Smoke and mirrors to pacify populations

45:40: Global dimming

47:01: Pushing this issue to the light of day

Extracts from the interview below:

Dane Wigington on how climate intervention operations have disabled the planet’s ability to respond to climate change

If not for climate engineering, the planet would have responded in a very different way to any increased levels of CO2. It would have done a much, much better job. So why isn’t it? Because climate engineering, as I mentioned a moment ago, is the single greatest factor destroying the ozone layer. So now we have extremely high UV radiation damaging the foliage of the flora. As we already talked about, we have toxic elements coming down in our precipitation. We have a peer-reviewed study to prove [that] in the case of aluminium, it not only kills soil microbiome, it [also] affects root systems. So the trees can’t and won’t absorb nutrients. They die a slow, protracted death. 

Depending on the type they’re spraying, climate engineering elements are desiccant particles. They alter atmospheric chemistry; they alter the relative humidity. When the humidity is too low, as it is now, for example, in northern California, where I live, it’s often half the historical norm. Not enough humidity means the trees and flora shut their stomata, the respiratory ports, so they don’t breathe, absorb CO2, and expel oxygen. They’re dying below the surface of the soil because of the toxins I mentioned. From every conceivable direction, climate engineering is decimating the planet’s life support systems and its ability to respond to any changes that are occurring. 

The history of climate engineering operations

It appears global geoengineering operations were first deployed immediately after World War II. So, to put this into context, many people referred to the B-17 bombers. For example, we’ve all seen pictures of leaving these massive trails in the sky as proof that this is just condensation. That couldn’t be further from the truth, either. We found military archival footage film captures taken from one B-17 bomber of another, all flying in formation, leaving a massive dispersion behind that B-17 that was shut off instantly in the air as if cut with a knife. That means that that was not condensation, to begin with. They were beta tested during World War II to deploy immediately after World War II, which we believe they did over the poles first, and aluminium began showing up there over the poles, called an Arctic haze that had aluminium in it. And this was noted by a Stanford science study. They didn’t know where it was coming from. 

So, the history is very extensive, and we have other forms of weather manipulation. Again, I would call it weather warfare, ultimately. But Project Cirrus, started by the US military, their first hurricane modification operation, started in 1947, and there’s a long history since. Some of these instances are more well-known. For example, Project Popeye in Vietnam [was] a very well-known weather modification over Vietnam that was so successful that in the seventies, a moratorium was passed on using weather warfare. And this is an international law that no one pays any attention to.

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