Scott Hansen: 7 mindsets that will shift your business

The latest data on small and medium enterprises in South Africa shows that these make up about half of total employment, and contribute more than 30 percent of the total gross domestic product. And with youth unemployment sitting at 63.1 percent, the entrepreneurial route seems to be the best way out. But what makes an entrepreneur? Scott Hansen is a business coach who has worked alongside Fortune 500 companies. In this article he looks at seven mindsets that will shift your business. – Stuart Lowman

by Scott Hansen*

Scott HansenIf you’re like alot of business owners, you’re probably tired of running on the proverbial “hamster wheel” year after year after year, and not seeming to be able to grow your business.

Success is something all career-driven individuals desire yet it eludes many people — at least at the levels desired. Why are some businesspeople successful and others not?

It has everything to do with habits, beliefs, passion, flexibility and attitude.

Often there’s nothing really different between one entrepreneur and another in terms of ability, as each person can do whatever he or she wants. What it all comes down to is having the frame of mind to set practical habits and keep a balance between attachment and commitment and letting things happen.

Here are 7 Mindsets that Will Radically Shift Your Business

1.  Decide

I know this sounds obvious, but you would be surprised to see that alot of people are simply tip-toeing around with their business.

The haven’t quite yet DECIDED to be successful.  The definition of decide:  “to make a final choice or judgment about“. There are too many people who say they want success, but haven’s cut off or made a final choice to say, “I’m doing this no matter what. And I’m going to be successful doing it”. 

2. Say YES to Your Business

It’s amazing to me how many people are literally stopping their own progress in their business because they’re not willing to do “whatever it takes” to succeed.  When I mean “whatever it takes” , that’s exactly what I mean.  That means if you have to stay up late, or get up 30 minutes earlier to get a project done in your business, you do it. If you need to invest in a coach, or attend that seminar across the country in order to sky rocket your business, and learn new skills, you do it.

As a business coach, I always hear: when I have the money, THEN I’ll invest in coaching, or attend that seminar. All high performers know that this works in the exact OPPOSITE direction. They realize that if I don’t know something, or need to get help to grow my business, I cannot afford NOT to hire a coach, or pay money for that seminar.. Do you see the difference?  It’s all mindset.

3.  Believe in Yourself

Attitude is everything. A negative attitude decreases success and a positive attitude creates success. Without that belief in yourself, you’ll lack a path to success.

Success is something that’s created. It’s not something that merely “happens.”

When you firmly believe in yourself, you can achieve virtually anything: It’s within this belief that you’ll find the power to create the resilience and fortitude needed to keep going when things get tough.

4.  Attitude of Gratitude

Your attitude will take you places that your skill-sets can’t.  Are you truly appreciating everything you have right NOW?

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly conquering new territories, and setting and achieving new goals that make us grow.  All of this is great.  But, it’s also important to stop, reflect, and truly be appreciative of what you have right now.  Am I saying you should be content with where you’re at, and that you shouldn’t want to become more, no.  However, what I am saying is to start appreciating all the people, and things in your life right now.

5.  Your Associations

Who are you taking advice from? Would you take marriage advice from someone who’s been divorced 5 times? NO

Would you take fitness advice from someone who’s 200lbs over weight?  NO

Then why would you listen and take advice from people who aren’t where you want to be? I’m a huge believer in surrounding yourself with people who not only encourage you, but also spending time with people who are already successful. You will learn alot more with people who are already where you want to be, versus, hanging out with whiny, negative, glass is half empty people

6.  Have a True Vision

Visualization is powerful because actions follow thoughts. A great technique for nurturing your vision and purpose is to make your goals visual. Some people use vision boards; others opt for treasure maps. And still others set goals identifying specific dates for their achievement.

Whatever works best is a matter for the individual to figure out.

I believe that anything that’s written down is more likely to be achieved than visions kept only in the head. When you make your purpose visual, you make it real. When you keep them in your mind, they remain wishes.

7.  Learn 2 New Skills Every Year

Imagine if you were to learn 2 new skills every year.

Before you say, “Scott, that’s crazy.  How can I master 2 new skills every single year?”   I’m not asking you to master these skills.  I’m simply asking you to learn them.  For example:  if you’re not familiar with Facebook marketing, imagine if you were to learn this skill over the next 60 days.  Could this change your business?

Learning a new skill isn’t nearly as difficult as it was before we had the internet.  I’ve taught myself many new skills by simply typing in, watching the videos, taking notes, and then apply what I just learned. Teaching yourself a new skill isn’t as hard as it sounds.  It just takes consistency and dedication.  Trust me, you can do this!

*Scott Hansen consults entrepreneurs on how to monetize their passion while creating massive growth in their business.

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