Developing the next generation of SA entrepreneurs at WEF, 2023 – Lindiwe Matlali

In 2020, South African entrepreneur Lindiwe Matlali won the Schwab Foundation Social Innovation Award and now she is having bilaterals with Queen Matilda of Belgium. Africa Teen Geeks is on an unstoppable upward trajectory.

Lindiwe Matlali on identifying young innovators from disadvantaged backgrounds 

I am very excited about today because it is really about developing the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators at the World Economic Forum. Starting as early as possible, we want to look at how to create a pipeline of young global shapers and global leaders. In addition, we want to look at children who come from disadvantaged communities and groom them to be able to give them an opportunity to be part of WEF one day. We are also looking at how we can democratise access to influence, access to power and resources for poor kids who are deserving. We want to identify them as early as we can.  

Winning the Schwab Foundation Social Innovation Award in 2022

It was really exciting. I didn’t think I was going to win. As somebody with strong faith, I just thought that was God’s intervention and God’s hand. So, I am always humbled by all the opportunities and platforms God has given me to give back and make sure I can help  children who come from a background like mine.

Opportunities provided through Schwab 

The Social Innovation team has been so supportive in providing opportunities for me to meet people who can assist us. The partnership we have just signed with WEF UpLink will help us to create an innovation accelerator to support the next generation of young entrepreneurs and innovators. It has opened a lot of amazing doors that I never dreamt of. I am really humbled and excited about that. 

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