‘I ran back to Google quicker than an ANC politician scoping out his latest prey’ – George Cocolas

Take control of your life in Google-ubiquitous world

By George Cocolas*

This past week I finally got to experience the taste of defeat. The unique flavours of humble pie. The tart tang of frustration’s salty tears as they coursed down my cheeks. (Well, I am exaggerating a tad on that last one).

And all this for what?

Well, in a fit of anger at the brazen, craven manipulation that Google uses to subvert, suppress or de-platform information that I am seeking out, I decided to switch Search engines from Google to Microsoft’s Bing. “Oooooh” I hear you say. “That’s brave”. Well, yes. It was.

I follow many websites or writers that do not kow-tow to the current groupthink as decided by deeply liberal social media and search  curators. Or I visit sites and seek news that offer deeper and contrarian insight into the stream of “News” that we are being spoon-fed. “News” … it kills me to even use that misnomer. And yes, I’m talking to you, the average reader (sheep) getting his newsfeed from Facebook (bless) or from Google news or Twitter (sigh).

For many years I have followed a number of the highest-respected think-tanks, writers, websites, periodicals –  in all facets of life: Business, ethics, current events, philosophy. You name it and I probably read it. Well, at least they were highly respected until the NYT and Google and Facebook and Twitter decided they were no longer fit for my consumption.

Thanks Big Daddy. And we, the people, you and I, have allowed it to happen. Why have people just put their feet up and stopped thinking? Why have they stopped questioning? Why have they ceased utilising that innate human trait and ability to discover the truth. My truth. Your truth. Our truth. And not Google’s or Bill Gates’ or Jack Dorsey or Amazon’s or CNNs version of the truth. Monopoly much?

As Bucks Fizz commandingly sang in their winning 1981 Eurovision entry “Making your (own) mind up!!!” To which we have Jack Nicolson from “A few good men” reply “You can’t handle the truth!”

The American Spectator, The Gateway Pundit: These websites no longer come up in a search. Article references and articles from such websites have been scrubbed. Breitbart News – well, as of writing it has lost 99.7% of its Visibility Index.

Do you want to see videos of Joe Biden’s latest brain-freeze as he dodderingly shuffles towards senility? Well, you’re not going to easily find them. Like Biden’s brain, Google search is barren unless you are highly surgically precise in what you search for.

Want to see video of the horrific violence in Portland, USA. Sorry darlings. What violence? Take a chill-pill.

Same for South African farm murders. No outrage there. They died from biltong overdose. Of course in this case, the underlying unspoken narrative is “They deserved what’s coming to them”. Oh? OK. Social Media is now Judge, Jury, and certainly, the Executioner.

PREMIUM: 67% of SAs use Google Chrome but you should stop right now: Wall Street Journal

It reminds me of the very opposite of the “No shoes, No shirt, No Problem” paradigm. Except now it is “No Groupthink, No MSM- narrative, No way Jose”. Give up your job security badge at the front desk. Thank you for flying Air STTW (Submit-to-the-Few).

Orwell’s 1984 seems positively myopic in comparison. Come on now Georgie-boy…. Now think Big! Bigger! Biggest! – when you think of writing the sequel to 1984.

So back to this article’s title. How was the experience of cruising the internet on Bing?

It was pathetic. It was as useless as a big penis on a eunuch. Or on a woman. Careful….

There were so few pictures. So little information. Such denuded search results. Practically no links to arbitrary and obscure information sources.

As for the shopping…. well, the less said about that the better. Even search results pointing to Amazon products were a snooze-fest. News… Don’t bother. It’s even worse than Google or NYT. Propaganda and special interests claims the day. As for Social Media entertainment. It’s pathetic. So you stalk alone my dears. No prey for you to vicariously observe and dissect out there on Bing.

I ran back to Google (market share 92,5%) quicker than an ANC politician scoping out his latest prey. Really Really fast. (What chance poor SOEs with such predators on the loose?).

So how to slay the beast? Or at least evade its sticky manipulative and political correct tentacles. Go directly to the website that you enjoy and read all their news right there and then. Sign up for direct emails from your favourite websites. Use a VPN network for most things. Make it as hard as possible for them to commoditise you. Keep your Twitter if you must. But join Parler, where free speech is a founding pillar of the communication network. You will see news videos, photos and commentary that has been aggressively shut-out from your eyes. Including SA farm murder footage.

Share your findings with your friends via links in direct emails. Yes you, you lazy sods. Not on Social Media. Yes – the snail-mail of the 1970s will protect your information sharing. At least for now.

Finally, and most importantly, repeatedly remind yourself that free choice, unimpeded thought and free speech is your birth right as a human being. It is not to be decided on your behalf by “Da Man”.

Google’s corporate motto was “Don’t Do Evil”. Ha. Give me a break you supreme hypocrites.

Tune in next week to read my latest article: Even though I hate social media and the selective curation of information, I still managed to swallow my salty tears and invest in these companies. For shame!

  • George qualified as a chartered accountant with Arthur Andersen (oops) and then went on to become a rated sell-side analyst. He has worked for Merrill Lynch, CLSA and Banque Paribas. He now lives on the Athens Riviera with his husband and a brace of borzois and greyhounds.