Malema and his ‘winning’ white lawyers in row over rejecting black lawyers: ‘EFF is not anti-white’

After appearing for a criminal court case, EFF leader Julius Malema commented that he used white lawyers as the EFF was an anti-racist organisation. “There is some story going around that we are represented by white lawyers. It is true, they will represent us today, tomorrow and any time we want. No one chooses lawyers for us. We choose our own lawyers and we know which one is best where. We are not an anti-white organisation. We are a non-racial organisation and our stand against white racists is not a stand against white people,” Malema said in a video clip which has since gone viral. Malema and Ndlozi are represented by Advocate Laurence Hodes in a case where they are facing charges of assaulting a police officer outside the cemetery at the funeral of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. – Bernice Maune. 

By Bernice Maune 

Known for his controversial utterances, EFF leader Julius Malema came in for a tongue lashing from the Black Lawyers Association (BLA) last week.

The BLA were upset by Malema’s inference that black lawyers were “losing cases” which is why he had sought to hire the law firm currently representing him.

“They are paid every month to represent the EFF everywhere, and they have done it so well. So why should we complain and hate them today because they are white, when we were losing cases with black lawyers?”

The BLA then questioned Malema’s suitability to hold office at the Judicial Service Commission (JSC). Malema has been part of the commission’s panel to interview for judicial vacancies and make recommendations for appointments to the Bench.

However, over the weekend, the EFF tweeted it had met with the BLA and reached a consensus.

“After deliberations and sound reflection, the BLA accepts that EFF president Julius Malema never generalised black people as incompetent. The BLA does not doubt the EFF and its president’s commitment to the transformation of the legal profession particularly increased briefings for black legal practitioners and promotion of black lawyers into serious responsibilities in the Judiciary. Throughout his participation in the JSC, [Malema] has been consistent and dependable on the transformation of the judiciary. With this in context, the BLA does not question his fitness to be a commissioner in the JSC.

“As a way forward, the EFF and BLA will continue to work together to pursue the transformation of the legal profession and will discuss common perspectives and approaches on how transformation should be pursued,” read the joint statement by the EFF and BLA.

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