SLR: Guptas join Al-Qaeda on UK’s updated sanction list: Read it here

The United Kingdom has included corruption in its Sanctions policy. The recent update means that 22 corrupt individuals have been added to the list of sanctioned people in the UK. Among these are names synonymous with crime, corruption and state capture in South Africa. Ajay Kumar Gupta is listed as banned from travel and has an asset freeze. Atul Kumar Gupta has identical restrictions. Rajesh Kumar Gupta a.k.a Tony and  Salim Essa join their partners in corruption on the roll of infamous perpetrators of corruption around the world. The official document links the corrupt quartet and states the reason for the sanctions as:’… has been involved in serious corruption in South Africa, involving the misappropriation of property. He has been responsible for this corruption by playing a key part in its organisation and has financially benefitted from it. This corruption caused serious damage to South Africa.’

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