Gatvol SAs on open letter to Cyril: White privilege or hard truth?

Following the chaos of the riots and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, it’s fair to say that many South Africans have been left with a bitter taste in their mouths. One such citizen took pen to paper in an anonymous Open Letter to Cyril Ramaphosa – currently doing the rounds on social media.

As Alec Hogg writes, “In their hour of greatest need, communities whose rates and taxes keep the national wheels rolling were left to fend for themselves. Those they paid to protect them simply disappeared or stood idly by watching the methodical, fearless plundering. As a result, many in the previously silent and mostly isolated majority have found each other – and their collective voice. Their ‘gatvol’ factor has scaled a new peak.”

From cadre deployment and failed service delivery to emigration tax and xenophobia, the writer leaves no ANC stone unturned. The mysterious author even suggests that Ramaphosa makes saying ‘WMC’ or ‘1652’ a “hate crime, like the K-word. It’s actually every bit as insulting, and it’s flung about carelessly by ideologues who just are just plain racist,” they write.

The letter ends with:

“Do you want to stay in power? It’s not actually that hard. Treat us all with respect. Equally. As citizens. Who defended you when it really counted. And importantly, in too many cases to mention, the best thing for you to do is just to get out of the way.” 

Understandably, the letter has received its fair share of attention (both for and against) across social media, and as usual, South Africans are not pulling any punches. You’ll want to grab a seat for this, dear reader.

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“Best letter Cyril will ever receive. If he is intelligent he will take notice but he lacks the emotional security needed to run a household, never mind a country. It is what it is, Cyril lacks in leadership ability,” says 

Awesome letter – the sentiments of the people – ANC’s and EFF’s and BLM’s excluded. Hear the voice of the 50 million ‘others’. Bravo, give the writer a Bells.”

Get rid of the inept corrupt cadre ministers, look to Singapore, not Nigeria, you never know people might start voting for you again, comrade.”

The sad thing is this country really needs a coup. Just not the scum of the earth trying to take over, we already have scum of the earth running this circus. Brilliant letter, but our spineless knob of a president doesn’t give 2 schitts about anything but the ANC.”

“I haven’t read something as good as this; it shines the light on everything that’s ridiculous and pathetic in this country, more specifically, the ANC,” adds

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“This letter smacks of racism and white privilege. Makes me want to puke,” says

This is nothing short of subliminal racism aimed at offending Africans and crafting a deceptive message that seeks to promote their opinion over the masses masked as some open letter but void of any truth. In reality, it sounds like a call to Ramaphosa to tow the white line of thinking and generally pro minorities.”

If whites and most of the population abhor crime and looting, does that make them privileged? What’s your point other than to be racist?”

“Oh. The ever expected and standard racist cry when the truth manifests,” adds . “It’s 27 years of ANC misrule, theft, plunder and destruction that makes many many South Africans of all persuasions want to puke.”

Ag, shame, came too late to the mall, to grab a 65″ TV? My heart is bleeding for you.”

Look into Ramaphosa’s eyes. They are blank pools reflecting nothing of the soul. Does Ramaphosa care about anything? Yes of course he does; he cares about the rebellion welling up in his government. Does he care about the citizens’ well-being or the desertification of the economy? Like hell he does. The cabinet meeting for today has been cancelled and also probably the one for next week. Crisis? What crisis. God but you lot are a pitiful parade of pathetic ponces. Hopeless, hapless, helpless. And, apparently not shy about advertising the fact. Get a feeling of what it is like to be held in the contempt you so richly deserve.”

I would add stop trying to disarm law-abiding citizens who stood in the gap when the state fled or was never there in the first place. The reality none of this will impact Cyril or his org. The only way we get change is if the majority vote for an alternative if only to give the ANC a season in the political dugout. Cele, the minister of defence and intelligence should be booted but again won’t happen due to ANC politics.”

It took 70k of the SANDF to keep us off the beaches, but only 2,500 for an attempted coup? Of the hundreds of thousands of looters involved in the unrest, not even 1% have been arrested. Oh yes, in the next election they’ll be voting ANC. The unrest cost R50bn, state capture R500bn. How many of these are in jail? And so forth…”

Cyril Facebook comment

If the president was really in power and could actually do something this letter would be peachy, but it’s assuming he can actually do something… The harsh reality is, he can’t, he’s just a figurehead, a puppet, a nice well-spoken black man who’s ‘educated’ and has a calm voice. But let’s be honest, he’s just following orders, like the rest of the so called ‘world leaders’.”

Cyril Facebook comment

Cyril Facebook comment