ANC cadre deployment minutes labelled a ‘mockery’ – Full Report

Even by the the ruling party’s standards, which are shamefully low, the ANC’s cadre deployment committee recently released minutes leave a lot of unanswered questions. The minutes, which have been transcribed by Politicsweb (attached below for ease of reference), underpin the governance issues that have plagued the ANC and the country as a whole for the better part of a decade. Naturally, members of the opposition party the Democratic Alliance have been outspoken in response to the release of the minutes, as seen from DA member Leon Schreiber’s tweet below. – Justin Rowe-Roberts


10th Floor Boardroom Luthuli House

03 DECEMBER 2018 (08h30-12h00)

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

· Cde Sifiso Buthelezi

· Cde Jessie Duarte, Deputy Secretary General

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting (26 November 2018)

4. Energy   9:00 – 9:30

Minister Jeff Radebe

The Deputy Minister also present, previously, the short list was requested. She explained that the advertisement was for all boards and therefore there is a list of 266 and the recommended names.

Nuclear Energy Board, requiring 8 members. The criteria used was that persons needed to understand board governance, audit skills, legal skills and technical skills for the nuclear sector, and human resource practitioners. There are persons in the later 30s, and there is a gender balance. The Chair is a long-standing member of the ANC, and all the members are from the ANC.

The recommended names are approved, but if there are changes the Ministry will inform the Committee.

The other Boards are Central Energy Fund, it’s subsidiairies PETROSAS, PRASA, Strategic Fuel Fund, i-Gas, African Exploration Mining Company, NECSA subs, the NTP (medical isotopes), NERSA. Should be presented in January.

Next meeting the proposal on all the Boards will be submitted, noting that a person should not serve for more than two Boards. Also noting that a member on the holding board, may serve on a subsidiary board. There are a no former board members on the incoming board. There have been a litany of infractions, which resulted in the almost shut-down of NTP, and a host of audit queries. The list must be compared to the database for the common names.

5. Defence   9:30 – 10:00

Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula

Apologise for not bringing this matter to the Deployment Committee. Unsure that an Advisory Council – Defence Force Service Commission – needed to be brought to the Deployment Committee. The DFSC advises on the service conditions of the defence force.

There are 6 vacancies, based on the long list we are appointing three. After consideration by retired generals and parliament. The current applications only had one woman application.

The Deputy President will assist in ensuring that the President is briefed on matters relating to defence. There must be constant engagement between the Deputy President and Minister.

6. DIRCO   10:00 – 10:30

Minister Lindiwe Sisulu

The Minister had to unfortunately cancel at the last moment. She has requested that her advisor attend on her behalf. However, the Committee, as previously decided to not have advisors to make representations. It is also noted that there are two deputy Ministers. Noting that this is the last meeting for the year.

When the administration changed the letters of appointment of ambassadors were not updated, and some have had to return and those who have not yet left are now unemployed because they have not been appointed as well. The SG must be alerted, and the DP must raise the matter sharply with the Minister.

7. STATSSA Advisory Council

Previously the names were not brought to the Deployment Committee or Cabinet, so that there is no suspicion of interference or the veracity of the statistical conclusions. Therefore the names will be discussed at officials’ level.

We must be cautious that previously this is how the Deployment Committee was avoided, even though in this particular instance the Advisory Council did not come to Cabinet or the Deployment Committee.

8. IDC

Minister Patel

Procedures were not followed (especially since the process was outsourced), but you are dealing with a bank. Therefore let the matter be concluded by the officials.

We must be cautious that previously this is how the Deployment Committee was avoided. All Ministers must provide the Boards and the advertisements. It is important that we set out our scope.

9. Request for Deployment (Abridged CVs) 11:00 – 12:00

10. Closure 12:00

Let’s work on who should be deployed to the many energy boards and the foreign deployments.


10th Floor Boardroom Luthuli House

22 FEBRUARY 2019 (10-13h00)

1. Welcome 11h00 – 11h05

The Deputy President welcomed and opened the meeting.

2. Apologies 11h05 – 11h10

· Cde Solly Mpaila, from the SACP, apologised for not being able to attend. They also have raised that we should meet more regularly and consistently on set dates. Also so as to discuss broader deployment issues, and not just names.

· Agreed that on Fridays, twice a month, once in a fortnight.

· Cde Bheki Ntshalintshali from COSATU has also apologised for not being able to attend

· Cde Sdumo will have to leave before the meeting adjourns, due to other commitments, in particular the SACP CEC

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting & Matters Arising 11h10 – 11h15 7 – letter not latter

Minutes adopted unanimously.

4. COGTA –   11h15 – 11h30

Deputy Minister Obed Bapela

CRL Commissioners

Initially, the nominees were mainly culturalists and the religious nominees were also from the evangelical churches, not the mainstream churches or the non-Christian religious. Therefore the Minister headhunted and added names.

There were 78 names and a shortlist of 37.

Comments & Decision: The Committee will not yet endorse the shortlist. The DSG, with each member here, will headhunt a certain number and approach certain groupings etc, and compile a preferred list, and submit a list by Friday next week. It will be confined to members of the Committee who are here. The Ministers will appoint four and the Committee to the Interview Panel.

The current Chair will not remain. Cde Bridgitte Mabandla will be the Chair and the current Deputy Chair will be retained.

Municipal Demarcation Board

The panel made up of judges have made recommendations, seven males and six females, geographic FS 3, Gauteng 1, and they cover the criteria. The Chair is full-time and the other board members are part-time. The current chair has requested to be recused as a Chair and Deputy Chair. The recommendation is that Mr. Thabo Manyoni is the new Chair.

The Board selects and appoints the Deputy Chair. It will have to be a woman.

Comments: Our input is limited, because the selection panel is appointed after consultation with the President. Happy that the current Chair is remaining as a member of the Committee. She was excellent as a Chair. The recommended person to Chair is highly qualified, although the ANC should support the person, similar to how Cde Parks Tau is supported in SALGA.

It is positive that there is a town planner also in the Board, since previously the Board has been rigid in their approach and not as rational as it should be.

It is noted that the Minister did previously inform the Committee about the pending appointment, however, the matter was not sufficiently followed up by the Committee and the sector organisations.

5. Social Development –

Minister Susan Shabangu   11h30 – 11h45

Advert for DDG for Corporate Services, as reported in the previous meeting. A position which has been vacant for eight years. The vetting has been concluded and the dpsa has been contacted to prepare the submission to Cabinet.

Comment: The Committee supports the recommendation.


The NDA used to be under Treasury and over time has ended up with Social Development. It is an institution that needs to be reviewed, so that it can be a focused institution. Therefore there should be a temporary board (1 year) and not a five year board. The Act does not precludes the term being less than five years. There are 6 independent members and the rest from the department.

Comment: Only two are retained. Judy Hermanus and Hanekom retained. 2 and 4 recommended. Retain the four and review the institution. We expect the motivation on the review from the Minister.


The matter is being finalised.

6. Commission for Gender Equality 11h45 – 12h00

Received 90 applications, two withdrew and therefore 88 applications. Will shortlist 24, and recommend 8. Due to timeframe, must be done by 19 March 2019. Human resources on verification of qualifications and State security on vetting have not responded as yet.

The DSG’s Office has provided names of candidates.

Comment: The Committee endorsed the names.

7. Portfolio Committee on Communication 12h00 – 12h15 (SABC)

There will be two engagements. One now, and when the names are finalised. Mainly, because the study group has not met. The Deployment Committee is scheduled to meet in two weeks time.

There are good candidates, based on the CVs, that have applied. The Study Group will consider the names and shortlist so as to ensure gender, skills, geographic spread, covering SABC and MDDA.

Comment: The Committee members will scrutinise the list and submit preferred applicants to be shortlisted, by Monday. They will return upon the interviews have been concluded.

For Noting:

8. Science & Technology – Minister Kubayi-Ngubane Appointment of DDGs

9. Minerals – Minister Gwede Mantashe Appointment of CFO

10. Application for Deployment

Sectors must update their lists, via the DSG’s office.

The next meeting must update and finalise the overall list.

11. Closure

12h32 meeting closed.


10th Floor Boardroom Luthuli House

08 March 2019 (10-13h00)

1. Welcome 10h00 – 10h05

The Deputy President welcomed and opened the meeting.

2. Apologies 10h05 – 11h10

· The Communications Portfolio Committee apologised they will not make it to report.

· Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

· Susan Shabangu

· Meokga Matuba

· Mildred Oliphant

The Committee is dependent on the co-operation and respect for process that includes the Deployment Committee by the Ministers serving in Cabinet.

In May, after elections, we host a Workshop with all newly-appointed Ministers, and Premiers of provinces. There is a general misunderstanding of the concept of democratic centralism, as well as lack of adherence to NEC authority. And we continue with the decision of every second Friday of the month we meet, whilst we are in the election campaign, we shall meet only when necessary.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting & Matters Arising 10h10 – 11h15 Minutes adopted unanimously with the amendment on P3.

Matters arising on the Chair on the CRL, the nominee is in training to be an Ambassador, and therefore not able to be appointed. The DSG and Deputy President will discuss the alternatives for the CRL with the Minister.

Decision: Noted Cde Yvonne Chaka Chaka, who is also a UN Ambassador on Social Development, and a high profile person, could be the Chair. The Minister should consider a person from the Khoi and San community to also be included in the CRL.

Matters arising on the SABC Board. Initially, we had requested that Parliament appoint an interim board. But that was not possible, because there were still four members of the Board, and Parliament can only replenish the Board. The SABC Board interviews with the shortlisted candidates have been concluded. They will follow due processes and appoint the members of the Board before the elections. The Study Group has to present the names they are recommending. The new board must ensure that the debate and news mandate of the SABC is not outsourced. And it must have a person from organised labour. There should be a discussion on how the SABC Board is appointed.

4. DSG Report 11h15 – 11h30

Members of Parliament

The ANC will be approached by a number of persons, and ipso facto the Deployment Committee.

We must identify who can be deployed into the Foreign Missions, Boards, etc after consultation with the Officials. Look at the administration and advisors to Ministers. Noting that Attaches in missions have to come from their respective departments.

We need to get a sense of their skills.

Comments & Decision:

DGs Contracts

Comments: Consult with the Officials on the DGs who’s terms are coming to an end. Consult with Cde Ayanda on this list. Those who are under 65, and performed well and must stay.

Vacant Missions:

Comments & Decisions: Who is acting in these ‘vacant’ positions.

McBride matter must also be dealt with. We need to look at where we deploy Cde McBride. The Deployment Committee should call him.

Cde Supra is also available for international deployment.

Need to reconcile the work of the Committee and the provincial deployment committees. Must meet with the Provincial Deployment Committees.

The DSG and DP will take the matter to the Officials.

There should be a strongly worded message from the Deployment Committee to the officials. All deployments in that area are henceforth stopped.

5. Communication Portfolio Committee (SABC) 11h30 – 11h45

Comment: Discussed in Matters Arising

6. Public Works 11h45 – 12h00

Minister Thulas Nxesi

Presentation on appointment of the CFO

The person has been acting in the position.   He is young and an enthusiastic worker.

Presentation on appointment of Property Management Entity

The CEO is on the level of a DG. The post was advertised with a closing date of 14 December 2018. There were applications from about twenty-five individuals. Five persons were shortlisted. Interviews have not been conducted.

Comment & Decision: All the shortlisted candidates are male, women must be included from the overall application list. Need to look at a strict ‘Conflict of Interest’ guide.

Presentation on Supply Chain

It is a post at DDG level. The post was advertised, and was shortlisted to four, two males and two females.


7. Energy   12h00 – 12h15

Central Energy Fund

Comment: The Minister indicated that he wants to consult with the DP, before coming to the Committee.

8. Minister of Water and Sanitation Gugile Nkwinti Rand Water CEO

Nkomati, Bloemfontein, TransCaledon TA Boards.

Note that there is no water in Jagersfontein in the Free State, where there is a new hospital.

The Deployment Committee condones the appointments.

Recommend that the Deployment Committee persons for the Selection Panel, because it does the shortlisting and interviews.

The Minister will appoint one person, and the Premier appoints one, the Board, and the community.

There is a danger of the Deployment Committee outsourcing its duties and therefore they must come to the Committee with the proposed shortlisting, and then proceed with the interviews.

There are three boards Magalies, Sedibeng, Umgeni, and Overberg (WC). The DSG will talk to the Secretary and Chair of the Province. The Minister will talk to the Premier. The Umgeni one is quite a priority.

9. Closure

The meeting was closed.


10th Floor Boardroom Luthuli House

22 March 2019

1. Welcome 10h00 – 10h05

The Deputy President welcomed and opened the meeting. And indicated that DDG from Basic education will submit to the DC on behalf of the Minister.

2. Apologies 10h05 – 11h10

· Cde Sdumo Dlamini

· Cde Susan Shabangu

· Cde Bheki Ntshalintshali

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting & Matters Arising 10h10 – 10h15 Minutes adopted unanimously.

Matters arising

4. Deputy Director-General in Basic Education

Position for DDG- teacher’s education, research vacant for the last few years. Struggle to finalise it. The person recommended is a Chief Director in the relevant branch. The Deployment Committee concurs.

No explanation on why the Deputy Minister was not here in the absence of the Minister.

Correct that no officials come to this Committee.

Worrying that senior appointments just 6 weeks before the election. Nevertheless, there shouldn’t be appointments of DGs and Ministers should not be appointing DGs but retain the one’s in the positions. DGs leaving cause departmental instability.

5. Defence Ministry – Minister Mapisa-Nqakula 10h15 – 10h30

ARMSCOR Board. The Chair has resigned for health reasons. Vice Admiral Refilwe Modmo. The person deputising Modimo has been Tuthukile Skweyiya, for the last two terms. The Deputy Chair becomes the Chair.

Malusi Motimele to take up the vacant position, and becomes the new Deputy Chair, allowing him to become the Chair in the next term.

Comments & Decision: The Deployment Committee confirms that Cde Skweyiya become the Chair, and Cde Motimele is appointed as the Deputy Chair.

6. Water & Sanitation – Minister Nkwinti 10h30 – 10h45

Comment & Decision

7. Transport – Minister Nzimande 10h45 – 11h00

Comment & Decision: Remove Nazir Alli, has proven to be dogmatic. Kweyama on a lot of boards. Matlatla was a part of the previous board and has not been up to the task.

Irene Charnley & Notty Ngcobo & possibly one person from the Veterans, Khathu Ramakumba

8. Justice & Correctional Service – Minister Masutha 11h00 – 11h15

Sitting of the Judicial Services Commission to consider the filling of vacancies in the judiciary. Names are shortlisted by a structure within the JSC, and published for comment. At the end of January these processes were concluded.

ConCourt: Two vacancies, due to retirement of Justice Cameron and Nkabinde.

When vacancies are to be filled, there has to be three additional. So there needs to be consideration of at least 5, in this case this is 6.

Majiet and Tshiki (female) recommended.

Recommends: Justices Kollapen &Tshiqi

SCA: Deputy President of the SCA, recall that the Justice Maya is the President of the SCA and her position is now vacant.

Petse recommended.

Labour Court – the acting Deputy Judge President, who is Judge Molahlehi, and is made permanent.

Eastern Cape Division Judge – only one candidate. DJP for Northern Cape – Phatswane is recommended


Recommends that we have a dynamic link with NADEL.

Recommends that the current process is incestuous. It contributes very little if anything towards judicial independence. The ANC prizes and values judicial independence. The current process provides for a system that has the judiciary having too much of oower in determining the leadership of the

9. Applications for Deployment 11h15 – 11h30

10. Closure 11h30

The meeting was closed. Communicate with the Ministers who did not turn up about our concerns.


10th Floor Boardroom Luthuli House

19 August 2019

1. Welcome 10h00 – 10h05

The Deputy President welcomed and opened the meeting.

2. Apologies 10h05 – 11h10

· Cde Bheki Ntshalintshali

· Cde Solly Mapaila

· Cde Susan Shabangu

· Cde Sdumo Dlamini

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting & Matters Arising 10h10 – 10h15 Will deal with it at the next meeting.

Minutes adopted unanimously. Matters arising

4. Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy

Filling many vacancies, only PETROSA is a full board. Still will come with the NECSA group. Normally, the CEF board only is brought to the DepComm, but the Minister felt the subsidiary boards are also brought.

In all the boards, we are dealing with proxies of interests. All of them are dysfunctional. They should be pumping money into government but they are a drain on resources.

Two unsolicited bids, which made one believe that our people are destroying value and could sell it as a song.

Unless we get governance right, we cannot get operational matters to improve.

PETROSA has not had a CEO since 2014.

CEF Group

4 out of 9 posts.

Will we still retain the 50-50 parity, and is there a possibility to appoint a woman to lead. There seems to be an emphasis on persons from the Eastern Cape, rather than other regions. And the question of youth.

Dr. Mnyande is not serving in any other board, and there should be a greater appreciation of the economic issues.

On geographic spread, we should not be seen to have one region over- represented, without discounting expertise.

Therefore the Minister will re-look at it, so there is gender and regional balance, without sacrificing the expertise required. And write back to the DepComm on the outcome.


It is a desperate situation. The DepComm to talk this issue beyond the Board. It has no fixed stock. The exploration and drilling has been killed. PetroSA has to be rebuilt.

Suggesting that Frans Baleni is deployed to Chair. He was in the team that raised the first

Cheeky HR specialist. A number of unions which are very disruptive. Pheko, trading

Delport geologist on upstream Corne, engineer in the midstream Ndamase lawyer

Gogo midstram

Heywood refinery specialist Investment economist

Therefore the Minister will re-look at it, so there is gender and regional balance, without sacrificing the expertise required. And write back to the DepComm on the outcome.

DECISION: The DepComm will write to all Ministers indicating that they need to take into account gender parity, geographic spread without sacrificing expertise.

African Exploration Mining & Finance Corporation

We wanted to bring mining skills into the AEMFC. Shortlist of three.

Therefore the Minister will re-look at it, so there is gender and regional balance, without sacrificing the expertise required. And write back to the DepComm on the outcome. Of the three boards there must be one woman chair at least.

Strategic Fuel Fund

Chaired by a male, who is not being replaced.


Therefore the Minister will re-look at it, so there is gender (noting all are women) and regional balance, without sacrificing the expertise required. And write back to the DepComm on the outcome.

Petroleum Agency of South Africa

Nominating Madala Masuku to chair it. He is mature and well-qualified.

Agreed. Therefore the Minister will re-look at it, so there is gender and regional balance, as well as youth presence, without sacrificing the expertise required. And write back to the DepComm on the outcome.

5. Applications for Deployment 11h15 – 11h30

We will try and get Cde Naledi to attend the meeting, as well as get the names proposed by the President. We also want to propose names. We should look at DIRCO, at the proportions of who are career diplomats and political appointments, so that we do not overwhelm with political appointments.

We need to look at the list, and see who has been deployed, etc.

6. Closure 11h30

The meeting was closed. Communicate with the Ministers who did not turn up about our concerns.

Deployment Committee 10th Floor Boardroom Luthuli House

14 October 2019

1. Welcome

The Deputy President welcomed and opened the meeting

2. Apologies

– Cde Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

– Cde Solly Mapaila (Apologies received after meeting)

– Cde Susan Shabangu


– Cde David Mabuza

– Cde Yasmin Duarte

– Cde Sfiso Buthelezi

– Cde Mduduzi Manana (Arrived late)

– Cde Sibongile Besani

– Cde Meokgo Matuba

– Cde Louise Thipe

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting & Matters Arising (19 August 2019 )

The minutes of the meeting was adopted

4. Minister of Communications and Telecommunications

The Minister presented a board for NEMISA which is responsible for teaching and the development of e-skills and works with relevant Post School Education and Training Institutions. There are 7 vacancies which need to be filled, 15 were shortlisted and 7 recommended. The 7 recommended included 4 women, 3 men and a balance of youth, race, experience and geographic spread. A female chairperson was recommended. Further boards which are appointed to Parliament will come to the Deployment Committee within the next two weeks. The Post Bank and SETA

have had posts already advertised and applications closed, they will be brought to the Committee soon.

The board of SAPO was also discussed. It has a 10 member board with a vacancy of 8 members, 2 of the vacancies will be appointed from the Unions, which are reappointments from the previous board. The remaining 6 will be appointed by the committee. Posts have been advertised and applications closed. Communications committee and youth league have made some recommendations. 4 of the 6 are African females, one male and one female, there is a broad geography spread, youth and race are all covered. A female chairperson has been chosen. Traditional leaders were consulted and have been represented in the board to assist with communication and mobilisation for the role out of programs.

ZEDNA is the domain name authority that deals with internet governance .za. It has been run by the industry with Afriforum having people in key positions. This SOE is strategic in the fourth industrial revolutions. There are 9 vacancies with 6 females. A geographic spread was hard to achieve because of the scarce skills which are largely based in Gauteng. A female chairperson was recommended.

5. Minister for Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities

The minister’s item was not on the agenda; however provision was made to allow the minister to brief the deployment committee on the lack of a director general in the department of women, youth and persons of with disability for the past 2 years. The minister was briefing the committee before putting out an advert for the position. The post will be advertised before the end of October, the ANC Deputy Secretary General in consultation with the Women’s League and the minister must come up with a candidate, who may be outside the list provided.

6. Minister in the Presidency

The minister presented on the board for Brand SA. Brand SA has a 15 member board, 13 are required excluding one of CEO. A 23 name shortlist was provided and 13 recommended which has 7 women and 6 men, 4 of the members are below the age of 40, 2 of the members are reappointments. There was one change that was made to the recommended list, which was supported by the women’s league. A female chairperson was chosen to lead the board.

7. Minister of Transport

The minister had several boards which need boards however there are only two boards which the committee had time to go through, which were PRASA and RAF.

The PRASA board process had started before the minister was appointed; the adverts have gone out and have been closed. The current interim board has been extended twice and needs to be finalised urgently. PRASA has an 11 member board of which 3 members are to be seconded from Treasury, SALGO and Transport. The 8 members recommended include 5 females, 4 reappointments for continuity who have proven to be competent. An advert was posted looking for a CEO however could not find a suitable candidate, are now head hunting, this will be done through the office of the DSG in consultation with the Minister. The minister would like to appoint a CEO whom will put a management in place to ensure that the CEO can work with the management effectively. In all appointment letters, there should be provision for review of performance after a year where the minister has the authority to replace any board member.

The Road Accident Fund is in urgent need of a board, A 12 member board was presented with 4 females. The current board has many doctors and lawyers, however the new list has a more broad skill base. The list was however sent back to be reconsidered because of lack of women and geographic spread, the age spread is good. At least two men need to be replaced with by women. List of applications must be provided to the DSG, two women will be chosen from there.

8. General Resolutions

The office of the DSG should send all ministers the guidelines and procedures of deployment which include informing the deployment committee before any posts are advertised. All presentations should include a brief background and a summary of the respective challenges. The committee should be mindful of rotating members between boards or having a member on too many boards.

The reminder of the boards which could not be presented will be presented at the next deployment committee.

9. Closure



20 JANUARY 2020

1. Opening and Welcoming

The Deputy President welcomed everyone to the meeting


– Cde Lindiwe Sisulu

No confirmation from Cde Mike Soko and Cde Sdumo Dlamini


– Cde David Mabuza

– Cde Yasmin Duarte

– Cde Sfiso Buthelezi

– Cde Susan Shabangu

– Cde Mildred Oliphant

– Cde Meokgo Matuba

– Cde Mduduzi Manana

– Cde Sbongile Besani

– Cde Solly Mapaila

– Cde Natso Khumalo

– Cde Bheki Ntshalintshali

– Cde Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

2. Minutes from Previous Meeting (12 November 2019)

To be looked at in the next meeting

3. Department of Environment Forestry and Fisheries

Minister of Environment Forestry and Fisheries came to present on the filling of vacancies in 3 boards namely: SANParks (South African National Parks), SANBI (South African National Biodiversity Institute) and Isimangaliso Board.

The Minister was commended in the process that she has engaged the ANC in KZN for Isimangaliso board and for the inclusion of white candidates in her proposals. The Committee resolved to accept the 3 proposals.

4. Department of Public Service and Administration

The Minister came to present the filling of the vacancy of the DG and the Principal for the National School of Governance. The Minister extended his apology for not complying with the process on the Deployment till now. The Minister indicated that for the DG position, they have shortlisted 4 candidates and all 4 meet the requirements.

The first candidate for DG position is a woman who has Master’s degree as one of her qualification and she is currently Head of Department. The second candidate is also a female with relevant experience and she is currently a DDG. 3rd candidate has relevant experience and is currently a DDG. The fourth candidate has relevant experience and is currently a DDG.

The Committee resolved to accept the first woman candidate to be a DG as there is a

shortage of woman DG’s within the Public Sector.

National School of Governance:

The post of the principal has been vacant since November 2019, shortlisting have been done and the interviews have been scheduled for the 21 January 2020. Five candidates with good profiles have been shortlisted. There were two women and the other one fell off during further assessments.

The committee resolved that the Minister can proceed to interview the candidates.

5. Department of Public Enterprises

The Committee raised serious concerns that the Minister always present fate accomplished matters, the matter of CEO that the Minister wanted to present on is already in the media.

The Minister was reminded that he must always follow the processes of Deployment before there are any adverts.

The Committee made it known to the Minister that he must follow the correct procedure of informing the Committee before any appointments of such are made.

6. Department of Mineral & Energy

The Minister presented that members of the NECSA board resigned one after the other and only 3 members remained. An advert was issued for the filling of vacancies with the intention that the 3 remaining board members will be maintained. The 3 remaining have subsequently resigned this week.

There is a proposal that the 3 boards be measured into one board of NECSA but the Minister is still looking at the legal processes. Currently the Chairpersons of the other boards have been included in the proposed list of the new board.

The Committee noted that one candidate has been proposed on the other boards and she is currently serving in many boards and thus her name should be removed.

The Committee resolved to accept the Ministers proposals and that the Minister must further engage with the DSG

7. Defence

The Minister presented on the filling of vacancy of CEO Armscor, she was reminded that she has not complied with the process of the Deployment and that she has been reminded for the second time. An advert was issued and 87 applicant responded and shortlisting was done and only 15 remained. The competency assessment process reviewed that only 2 candidates can be considered. The board proposed the name of the current Acting CEO to be considered which is what the Minister came to present.

The Committee allowed the Minister to go ahead with the process but was also reminded that in future she must work with the office of the DSG.

8. Communication

The DSG presented On ICASA board that the Minister had informed that there will be advert for ICASA boards, 75 applicants applied, 75 names were discussed by ANC Communications Sub-Committee, and the Minister is supposed to be present and defend the shortlist. Interviews are to take place on 5th of February 2020.

The Committee accepted the process so far, and agreed to meet with the Minister before they start the interviews. The Committee agreed not to proceed without the views of the Minister. Chairperson proposed that this matter be put aside until the next meeting. The committee raised the issue that the list is not clear, on the qualifications or disability. The DSG to speak to the Chairperson of the Communication Sub -Committee to postpone the shortlisting.

9. Conclusion

The office of the DSG was requested to write a reminder to all the minister on the process of the Deployment.



Deployment Committee Minutes 10th Floor Boardroom

Luthuli House 23 March 2020

1. Welcome

The Deputy President welcomed and opened the meeting

2. Apologies

– Cde ‘Mduduzi Manana

– Cde Sfiso Buthelezi

– Cde Mildred Oliphant

– Cde Bheki Ntshalintshali

– Cde Solly Mapaila

– Cde Meokgo Matuba


– Cde David Mabuza

– Cde Yasmin Duarte

– Cde Lindiwe Sisulu

– Cde Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

– Cde Sidumo Dlamini

– Cde Natso Khumalo

– Cde Susan Shabangu

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted

4. Matters Arising

The matters arising are on the last page as requested by meeting.

5. Department of Minerals & Energy – Cde Gwede Mantashe

There were 9 items on the agenda under Minerals and Energy. Time constraints due to Cde Gwede Mantashe being summoned by the President resulted in only one board being presented.

Central Energy Fund (CEF) required a CEO to be appointed. There are multiple subsidiaries under CEF which require boards to be appointed, this will however be done by the board of CEF.

A list of three candidates were presented in order of preference, the committee decided to maintain the order of as recommended by the process despite the recommendation of the national chair

6. Department of Communications and Telecommunications – Cde Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams

The Postbank Board was presented to the committee. The post as signaled in Cde Stella’s previous presentation to the committee had already been advertised. The term of the board expires in April. A list of 11 candidates were presented for 7 to be selected by SARB, the balance would be on standby if there are any resignations. The committee decided that 12 should be presented and adjusted the shortlist to ensure gender balance with 7 women of the 12.

7. Minister of Transport

The minister was due to present three boards, however was unable to make it due to the Corona Virus issues. The item will be deferred to the next meeting.

8. Matters Arising


Please find these on the next page.

9. Closure

Matters Arising

1. Follow-up from Minister of Minerals and Energy

The minister was tasked with ensuring that the last board that was presented that no person must serve more than 3 boards. The Minister explained that the person was informed that they were appointed before he could make the changes. Due to an oversight on the last presentation the chairperson was meant to be an additional person whom the board included in the numbers, so minister appointed her.

2. The Director General of COCGTA

The long list has been concluded and interviews were to be conducted. A list of the applicants was to be emailed to all members of the committee.



Deployment Committee Meeting Zoom Video Conference Call

13 April 2020 08:00

1. Welcome

The Deputy President opened the meeting and welcomed the comrades.

2. Attendance

– Cde David Mabuza

– Cde Jessie Duarte

– Cde Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma

– Cde Lindiwe Sisulu

– Cde Sfiso Buthelezi

– Cde Susan Shabangu

– Cde Solly Mapaila

– Cde Mduduzi Manana

– Cde Mookgo Matuba

– Cde Sibongile Besani

3. Apologies

– Cde Natso Khumalo

– Cde Sidumo Dlamini

4. Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs – Director General

There were 105 applications of which after screening and interviews they came to a short list of 4. The 4 consisted of 3 women and 1 man. The man was an internal application. Each candidate was made to make a presentation on how to transform the department. From the presentations and questions, one stood out, the women. She has good corporate and public experience, another factor was that most of the


senior positions in the department are African males, this should bring diversity. The department has been without a DG for a while. The committee was happy with the candidate and process.

5. Closure



Deployment Committee 10th Floor Boardroom Zoom Video Conference 11 May 2020

1. Welcome

The Deputy President welcomed and opened the meeting

2. Apologies

– Cde Natso Khumalo

– Cde Meokgo Matuba


– Cde David Mabuza

– Cde Yasmin Duarte

– Cde Lindiwe Sisulu

– Cde Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

– Cde Natso Khumalo

– Cde Susan Shabangu

– Cde Sfiso Buthelezi

– Cde Mildred Oliphant

– Cde Bheki Ntshalintshali

– Cde Solly Mapaila

– Cde Sibongile Besani

3. Department of Water & Sanitation – Cde Lindiwe Sisulu

Cde Lindiwe Sisulu indicated that several water boards had their terms extended due to Covid-19. Three water boards, namely Lepelle Northern Water Board, Magalies Water Board and Sedibeng Water Board which the documentation was not ready, required that an interim board be appointed. The Office of the DSG was tasked with sending names for consideration for these boards.

4. Department of Transport – Cde Fikile Mbalula

a) Railway Safety Regulator

There were 182 applications received for the board positions. From the applications Cde Mbalula came with a recommendation of 9 Cdes, of which 4 were male and 5 female. Among the males, one was white and another coloured. The list presented to the Deployment Committee covered all stakeholders which the minister is required to cover.

b) Road Traffic Infringement Agency

The post had 50 Applicants which the minister appoints 5, then one must come from the NPA. The 5 presented included 3 male and 2 female, one male was Indian and all other candidates were African. The list was approved as is.

Cde Mbalula indicated that there would be a number of posts that will be sent out soon, he will inform the committee.

5. Minister of Communications – Cde Jackson Mthembu (Acting)

a) GCIS – Director General

Cde Jackson Mthembu presented the 27 applicants for the position. From the 27 6 were shortlisted, 2 were female and 4 were men. All were African with the acception of 1 male who was Indian. The preferred candidate was a female, which the deployment committee agreed on.


The process started with 75 applicants for the position. After going through the parliamentary process, 10 names were presented of which only 3 were females. 9 of the applicants were approved by the parliament process and one name came after, which Cde Jackson was unable to speak to. The board at the time still had three females sitting, two African and one coloured. The meeting concluded that the process will go back and be finalized with the communications subcommittee chairperson and the Communications portfolio chairperson.

6. Matters Arising

Please find these on the next page.

7. Closure

Matters Arising

1. Meeting Resolutions

i) The Deployment Committee is not obligated to deploy any person after their term has come to an end.

ii) Members of the deployment Committee should be given documents ahead of time to allow hem to process.

iii)  The database of comrades for deployment should be circulated.

iv)  Cde Naledi Pandor should make a presentation in the next meeting.

v) An alternative platform to host meetings should be found because of the security concerns raised with Zoom.


Zoom Conference Call 25 May 2020, 08H00

1. Opening & Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Department of Treasury – Minister Mboweni

– CEO of PIC

– South African Risk Insurance Association (SASRIA)

The presentation was noted, process had not been followed however the candidates recommended were diverse, skilled and experienced. The committee on those grounds allowed the two items to process.

4. Closure



Deployment Committee Meeting Zoom Video Conference Call

26 June 2020 10:00

1. Welcome

The Deputy President opened the meeting and welcomed the comrades.

2. Attendance

– Cde David Mabuza

– Cde Lindiwe Sisulu

– Cde Sfiso Buthelezi

– Cde Mduduzi Manana

– Cde Meokgo Matuba

– Cde Sibongile Besani

– Cde Mildred Oliphant

– Cde Natso Khumalo

3. Apologies

– Cde Jessie Duarte

– Cde Sidumo Dlamini

– Cde Nkosaza Dlamini-Zuma

– Cde Susan Shabangu

– Cde Solly Mapaila

– Cde Bheki Ntshalintshali

4. President on Special SOE Council

The President was called to make a presentation based on the previous resolution of the Deployment Committee. The President started by apologising for the appointment of the SOE Council without the involvement of the Deployment Committee, explained that it was an omission due to the pressure.


Chief Albert Luthuli House 54 Sauer Street Johannesburg 2001 PO Box 61884 Marshalltown 2107 RSA Tel: 27.11.376.1000 Website:


the members of the council was given and the process which was used to get to the members. The involvement of labour federations was requested by the President.

5. Discussion

The members of the council are male dominated, the absence of women was an issue raised. There is a vacancy on the council which should be filled in consultation with the Deputy President and Deputy Secretary General.

The committee members took advantage of the Presidents presence to raise the following challenges faced by the deployment committee;

– Deployment Committee used to rubber stamp appointments, lack of compliance by members

– Appointments brought to the Deployment Committee but another name presented to cabinet. This however will be looked into by the Deputy President

– Cde Naledi Pandor to work more closely with the Deployment Committee, she will present to the next Deployment Committee.

6. Department of Women, Children and Persons with Disabilities – Director General

The Minister made a presentation on the process that was followed to reach the recommended candidate. The Deployment Committee Procedures were followed and the Deployment Committee agreed with the recommended candidate.

7. Closure


14 August 2020 10:00

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Department of Home Affairs – Minister Motsoaledi

a) Appointment of Director General

The presentation on the item was welcomed and supported as processes had been followed and candidate met all the required criteria.

4. Department of Communication & Digital Technologies – Minister Ndabeni-


a) Adverts Director General

b) CEO Positions Appointment of NEMISA CEO South African Post Office CEO

c) Boards

South African Post Office 4 Vacancies

The advert for the Director General of the department was presented and members were requested to encourages skilled comrades to apply.

The remaining items did not follow processes as the presenter was unaware of the process. The presentations were supported as the candidates had a balance of gender, skills, youth and geographic spread.

5. Closure


24 August 2020 08:00

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Department of Environment Forestry & Fisheries – Minister Barbara Creecy

a) Director General

The committee welcomed and supported the presentation and preferred candidate as the candidate was skilled and had experience within the department at a provincial level.

4. Department Of Small Business Development – Minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni

a) Executive Positions

Appointment of Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) Chairperson Appointment of Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA) CEO

The presentations were welcomed and supported by the committee as the candidates were skilled and met the respective requirements.

5. Department of Treasury – Minister Tito Mboweni

a) Board

Appointment of Development Bank of South Africa board

The committee welcomed the presentation however was not happy with the failure to follow the processes. The committee recommended that further consultations be made before proceeding with the item.

6. Closure


21 September 2020 08:00

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Department of Water and Sanitation – Minister Lindiwe Sisulu

a) Amatole Water Board

The presentation of an interim board was supported by the deployment committee and the process to appoint a permanent board was to be initiated to provide stability.

4. Department Of Defence and Military Veterans – Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-


a) Director General of Military Veterans

b) Armscor Board

The shortlisted candidates for the Director General position were supported by the committee in the order of preference presented as process was followed.

The presentation for the Armscor Board was welcomed; more skills in finance, an engineer and a labour representative were suggested. The presentation was supported with the recommendation that the suggested skills be included.

5. Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development – Minister Thoko Didiza

a) Appointment of Board for Onderspoort Biological Products (SOC) Limited

The presentation on the board was welcomed, the process was followed and the presentation was supported as it covered the gender, youth and skills.

6. Deployment Committee Outstanding Matters Report

The National Youth Development Agency was discussed and the committee was not happy with the process that was followed. A presentation on the matter was requested in the next meeting to resolve the challenges in the process.

7. Closure



9 October 2020 08:00

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Department Transport – Minister Fikile Mbalula

a) PRASA Board

The presentation was welcomed and supported as it included youth, experience, skills and gender balance. There was a request for labour representation on future transport boards.

4. Department Of Transport – Minister Ronald Lamola

a) Director General of Justice and Constitutional Development

The presentation was welcomed by the Deployment Committee, the two candidates presented were recommended as t he process was yet to be finalised and the committee.

5. Closure


9 November 2020 08:00

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Department of Trade, Industry and Competition – Minister Patel

a. National Lotteries Commission Chairperson

b. National Lotteries Commission Non-Executive Position

There was a presentation made which was supported for both the board and chairperson.

4. Department of Communication & Digital Technologies – Minister Ndabeni-


a. Director General

b. South African Post Office CEO

The recommendations of the presentation were supported for both positions

5. Department of Mineral & Energy Resources – Minister Mantashe

a. Chairperson of Central Energy Fund

b. CEO of National Energy Regulator SA

The presentation was a second attempt after the first was interrupted due to the National Chairperson being called into a meeting by the President. The recommendation of the recruitment process was favoured over the preference of the Minister for the Central Energy Fund. The National Energy Regulation recommendation which was in line with recruitment process recommendation was supported.

6. Closure


30 November 2020 08:00

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Department of Public Enterprise – Minister Gordhan

a. Eskom Board

b. South African Airways Board

A presentation was made for an interim structure that would provide stability to both institutions. Processes were not followed; however the deployment committee would be consulted on the appointment of both boards.

4. Department of Transport – Minister Mbalula

a. Cross-Border Road Transport Agency

The presentation was not accepted by the deployment committee. There were issues raised with regard to processes being followed and the candidates and the make-up of the board. The item was sent back to be refined.

5. Closure


26 January 2021 09H00

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Department of Transport – Minister Mbalula

– Cross-Border Road Transport Agency Board

The presentation was welcomed and supported with the recommendation that a representative with labour expertise be considered as an addition.

4. Department of Environment, Forestry & Fisheries – Minister Creecy

– CEO South Africa Weather Services

The presentation was welcomed and the candidate was supported.

5. Department of Water & Sanitation – Minister Sisulu

– Amatola Water Board

The presentation was welcomed and supported as processes were followed and the board had the adequate skills and experience.

6. Closure


1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Department of Communications & Digital Technology – Ndabeni-Abrahams

– Council for Film & Production Board

The presentation was supported, it followed processes, had gender balance, youth and attempted geographic spread but was unsuccessful due to concentration of skills in Gauteng.

4. Department of Small Business Development – Minister Ntshavheni

– Director General

The recommended candidate was supported, processes were followed.

5. Department of Environment, Forestry & Fisheries – Minister Creecy

– CEO South Africa Biodiversity Institute

The candidate was supported as processes were followed and recruitment process was open. There preferred candidate met the required criteria as therefore allowed to proceed.

6. Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development – Minister Didiza

– National Agriculture Marketing Council

The presentation was welcomed and the recommended candidates were supported

7. Department of Water & Sanitation – Minister Sisulu

– Lepelle Northern Water Board

The recommendation was supported as process was followed and had the required skills.

8. Department of Employment & Labour – Minister Nxesi

– UIF Advisory Board

The deployment committee accepted the presentation as majority of the appointments were given by the respective NEDLAC partners as stipulated in the process. The partners should be consulted to include a greater gender balance.

9. Department of Home Affairs – Minister Motsoaledi

– CEO of Government Printing Works

The recommended candidate was supported, as the candidate was a female who had experience and adequate qualifications

10. Closure


1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Department of Communications & Digital Technology – Ndabeni-Abrahams

– Broadband Infraco Board

The Deployment Committee supported the presentation, the only point made was that HR skills were missing from the recommendations. A higher demographic spread was encouraged moving forward.

4. Parliamentary Portfolio of Justice & Correctional Services – Bulelani Magwanishe

– Human Rights Commission, Deputy Chair & Fulltime Commissioner

The Committee supported the recommendations presented. The recommendation of female candidates was welcomed as it brought youth into the commission and was addressing the gender imbalance.

5. Department of Water & Sanitation – Minister Sisulu

– Magalies Water Board

– Sedibeng Water Board

– Umgeni Water Board

The deployment committee raised concerns over the number of recommended candidates who were over the age of 60, the lack of youth representation with the exception of the Umgeni Water Board and the geographic spread of the candidates.

The Deployment Committee also suggested a review of the criteria required for appointment, the process excludes youth participation.

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