Rob Hersov: Why am I still doing this? “Enough is enough” – make a stand and vote

By Rob Hersov*

Almost everyone I know, at some point, asks me “Why are you doing this?”

By this they mean: why am I attacking the ANC government? Is my goal to be in politics? Do I want to buy state-owned assets on the cheap? Am I trying to secure licenses? Am I secretly “handling” a politician from whom I expect political favors?

Why do I put myself and my beloved wife and family in harm’s way? They know best of all that I don’t have to do anything and can, like most of the people I know, do nothing (or at best, operate as keyboard warriors). Most people who ask me are shocked when I tell them my reasons for doing this.

I know exactly why I am doing this, and I am not going to stop until the rest of the country – starting with the business community – realizes they can and must grow some spine (and a pair of cojones) and stand up and say, “enough is enough!”. And that they must persuade the ANC-impoverished public to register and vote.

Yes, register and vote. Change the government. Persuade people that not voting means that you support whichever government wins, because you didn’t do anything to stop that from happening. You are letting the choice of government be determined by everyone but you.

Unfortunately, we have to wait a whole 14 or so more months before we get the chance to vote the ANC (and their mafia partners) out.

Message to our voters – let’s team up and save the country. Vote for Change.

I have a happy family, I’m financially secure, I’m in good health, and I don’t have an urgent need to invest in another business or start yet another new project.

I can live anywhere I want, in comfort, enjoy my family life, swim, play golf and hang out only with people I like.

l have spent 31 years of my career overseas, my businesses are in fine shape and I also have limited exposure to the volatile public markets.

I am a very lucky man, and I am incredibly grateful for all of this. If I was religious, I would thank God (in case you are wondering, I am a libertarian, a minimalist and I practice Stoicism).

I am investing in aviation, finance and tech companies here in South Africa because I enjoy the business challenge, and with a change of government in 2024 (here’s hoping), there will be an economic boom as foreign investment returns to SA and job opportunities abound.

And a role in politics? I never want to be in politics, here or anywhere else. Ever. I generally have a very low opinion of politicians. I have a grudging respect for the leadership of the Democratic Alliance, because they deliver good governance, and work tirelessly and professionally for the good of the country and have done so since 1994.

In my wildest dreams I could not see myself serving in someone else’s cabinet surrounded by people who bend with the prevailing wind, live mainly to compromise, and watch their words for fear of upsetting the perpetually offended snowflakes.

I don’t have time for students who choose political science for their university degree. It’s not what South Africa requires and is a waste of their talent. South Africa needs any and every skill that grows businesses, both their own and others. Business growth is the key to the prosperity of the country.

I find it dispiriting to sit through long meetings where most of the attendees haven’t done their homework or don’t fully understand the issues. I doubt whether the ANC cabinet has a real understanding of what they deal with every day.

So it’s a NO to politics for me. I am much happier calling out the kleptocrats and ineptocrats in the ANC for their disgraceful behavior and for willfully destroying our beloved country.

There are two new areas of business interest, however, that I would be happy to fund, and I will need Gwede Mantashe to realize he now urgently he needs to put the country’s interests ahead of his communist delusions.

These two new areas are gas-to-power and nuclear.

We urgently need gas to power (onshore and offshore) and small modular reactors (nuclear) to ever achieve energy independence in South Africa. Solar and wind power will never be sufficient despite the insistence from the overseas-funded greenies; and solar and wind they will never get us to where we need to be as a country developmentally.

We also need to keep on going with coal/fossil fuels and ignore the first world which expects us to give up our coal-fired plants just because they have destroyed their own environments, having already built their industries and economic health by using coal.

And it must be the private sector that delivers on both of these solutions, as the ANC simply won’t do it, as we know only too well (the ANC breaks, soi they can steal).

I am ready to bid for licenses, via due process and transparently, and compete for these opportunities. And if someone else comes in better-faster-cheaper, they deserve to win.

So, if not a political role or for business access, then what the hell am I up to?

I don’t need to stay here. But I want to be here.

I love this country. And I am prepared to die in this country.

And die for this country.

I am doing this because I can. And because my beloved father, Basil (96 and still scoring runs), called me after my first BizNews speech went viral and told me that he had never been prouder of me for “saying and doing what other people can’t afford to say and do”.

I want to make every effort to help the ANC out of power and save South Africa, I want to help to take the very last chance to make this country into the wonderful place it deserves to be for all citizens.

And I want nothing in return.

South Africa is the best country in the world with the best people in the world, but we have a government that doesn’t care for its people.

I am disgusted with the way this beautiful country is being run into the ground by ANC incompetence, corruption and greed.

I am angered by the cowardice and collusion of the business community.

I am saddened by the hopelessness of the majority of the people.

And I have had enough of the people who should be standing up and doing something, hedging their bets, and hiding from the truth. Yes you, business “leaders”.

It is time we all stood up. And took our country back. Voetsek ANC!

*Rob Hersov is a global entrepreneur based in Cape Town.

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