SA Media to be shown “uncensored” footage of Hamas terror attack

By Chris Steyn

Members of the South African media have been invited to an “uncensored” screening tomorrow (Tuesday, 7 November 2023) of the October 7 massacre in Israel.

The aim of the screening – hosted by The South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) – is “to combat disinformation regarding the atrocities of Hamas’ unprovoked attack on innocent Israeli civilians last month”.

The “movie” is a compilation of call recordings, footage captured by security cameras, Hamas terrorists’ body cameras, victims’ dashboard cameras, Hamas and victims’ social media accounts, and cellphone videos taken by terrorists, victims and first responders. 

The SAZF promises that the footage “will offer visual testimony to a number of claims that have been denied by pro-Hamas supporters, the ANC (African National Congress) government and many media houses in our country”.

The decision to hold a screening in South Africa was made after the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) held a similar event for international media houses recently “in a desperate attempt to provide reporters with the truth”.

The invitation to the screening came with this warning: “THIS EVENT IS NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS. The screening may cause severe post-traumatic symptoms and should not be taken lightly. Please note the content may also be highly triggering for media and journalists. Possible triggers include violence, beheadings, burnings, rape, mutilation, desecration and sexual assault.”

In its statement, the SAZF says: “Despite the disturbing and sensitive content that has been kept private due to respect for the deceased, it has become evidently clear that members of the media will need to witness it first hand in order to understand the level of violence Jewish, Arab, Druze and Christian Israeli citizens face at the hands of Hamas.”  

The 45-minute screening in Johannesburg will also include a briefing on the South African hostages currently being held captive by Hamas in Gaza, including Israeli-South African Adrienne (Aviva) Siegel, who is 62 years old. 

High-level politicians are also expected at the event.

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