Teen relatives of tragedy-stricken Israeli mother released by Hamas

By Chris Steyn

The teenage niece and nephew of an Israeli motherwhose daughter and mother were killed by Hamas terrorists – have been released, but without their father.

Erez (12) and Sahar (16) Kalderon were among those freed as hostages are being released in batches during a humanitarian truce that has been extended to six days.

Sahar Kalderon
Erez Kalderon

Earlier, government sources in Israel told BizNews that the hostage release deal was struck as a direct result of Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip and โ€œderives from the achievements so farโ€ of the Israeli military. 

โ€œIt constitutes proof of the necessity of the ground operation – not only for the purpose of overthrowing the Hamas regime and displacing it, but also for the purpose of freeing all the hostages.โ€

The freed hostagesโ€™ aunt Galit Dan had pleaded for their release and sent them messages of support in a BizNews interview after the October 7 terror attack in which her special-needs daughter Noya (12) and mother Carmella (60) were also abducted and killed.

โ€œMy sisterโ€™s kids, Erez, he was such a good friend of my daughters. He’s 12 years old and Sahar, the most beautiful girl you can imagine, 16 years old, and their father, the ex of my sister. Beautiful boy, beautiful man with a large heart. And they were taken also. 

โ€œI’m so scared. I am so scared. I ask you to imagine how it feels, but I try not to imagine what they are going through and where they are. I just pray, pray thatโ€ฆthey can be protected by some big force…you know, the good force of the universe. It just sends them energiesโ€ฆโ€

Their father, Ofer Kalderon, is still being held hostage.

Ofer Kalderon

Describing the last contact she had from her daughter during the terror attack, Galit says: โ€œโ€ฆshe left me a message. Mommy, there’s huge noise outside. I’m so afraid. And my Mom wrote, they are entering the house, theyโ€™re breaking everything. I told her, Mommy close the door, close it, but I know they couldn’t close the door, they couldn’t lock itโ€ฆbecause the door is very strong door for bombs, but not for against someone who open it from outside.โ€

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Video of Erez being kidnapped by Hamas

Erez’s mother protesting outside UNICEF offices

Erez’s mother getting the news that her children are on the list of hostages being released

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