Angry SAs speak: Can Cape secession save SA? Here’s what SAs want #2020 in review

By Claire Badenhorst

During an episode of the Rational Radio webinar, BizNews founder Alec Hogg chatted to Phil Craig, the co-founder of the Cape Independence Advocacy Group. This political pressure group conducted a poll to find out how many people in the Western Cape would support what BizNews has dubbed as ‘Wexit’ – a move to separate the Western Cape from the rest of South Africa. Craig argues that as the Western Cape produces 13.9% of South Africa’s GDP, the province would only benefit from a Cape secession.

“The Western Cape economy, as it currently stands, is equal in size to the economy of Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe combined. So, there’s no question of viability. There’s no question that we’ll be better off. As one economist put it to me, effectively it would be a giant special economic zone for South Africa. You now have this kind of freer market, less bureaucracy, investor-friendly territory next door.”

As more and more South Africans grow disillusioned with the ANC, it’s not difficult to imagine why many would support the idea.

“The South African government is becoming less and less functional. So, at what point does it cease to have the capacity to govern anyway?” says Craig. “Professor Koos Malan from the University of Pretoria who wrote a book that there’s no such thing as a supreme constitution, makes the argument that in many ways the South African government has already ceased to be the government of South Africa. It’s abdicated its responsibilities around security; it’s abdicated all its responsibilities around education and health, and some economic obligations. Citizens aren’t expected to live in chaos, therefore, if there’s an absence of government from the formal government, then another government is entitled to kind of step into its place.”

Understandably, there are just as many people who oppose the concept.

Our community members told us what they think, under ‘We want out of SA’ – 36% in Western Cape want independence, says poll. As usual, they didn’t mince their words. Here’s what they had to say.

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We want an independent Cape

I would vote for any party whose policy is independence for the WC, even if it meant voting against the DA, should the DA not embrace such a policy.”

Stephen Without any doubt this is the only solution that can salvage us from the current doom facing South Africa at present… I advocate this direction without even reflecting on the negatives because within 5 years of independence Western Cape will be the economic powerhouse of Southern Africa.”

Frank Persson says he has “always wanted a Cape Passport!” while Riaan Werner Van Wyk remarks that as far as he’s concerned, Cape secession is the answer. “They will thrive while the rest of SA continues to deteriorate under ANC.”

Cape secession will never happen

According to Tania, “it is naive to think the crime syndicate will let go of such a large portion of their loot. As things stand, there have already been significant migrations from surrounding provinces to the WC. And despite all the attempts of lying and politicking, the WC is miles ahead of the other provinces, in every respect, even though the terrorists have tried their absolute best to burn it down.” 

Commenting on Facebook, Julian Knight says, “Regrettably it’s not up to the citizens who live in the Cape but rather the ones that don’t.”

Tracer ZA is sceptical, saying that “should it happen, it would be the only portion of modern day South Africa to survive the future. The very near future. It would also result in an exodus of former South Africans leaving the shithole that’s left behind. What bliss life must be without the utter filth that is the ANC.”

“Ridiculous notion, it is already an individual province and cannot be isolated from the rest of the country! They have access and resources needed by the rest of the country and visa versa. All that would happen is a mass influx to Cape by certain individuals and visa versa. The Afrikaners tried that with the Free State but no province can exist in isolation at this time. My humble opinion,” says Merle Cohen

Pipe dream! Will never come into fruition 🤣 . You’ve lost the democratic vote just work harder at the next elections. Alternatively move to another country.”

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Western Cape must stay

is dead set against Cape independence.

“All who think that the Western Cape can be independent are dreamers and they must keep on dreaming. This is Africa, you are gonna fail just like the Afrikaners in Oranjia in the Northern Cape. If you want to be independent you can pack and go to Europe and ask for a piece of land there to form your country. Not in South Africa.”

Further negativity, regardless of how realistic you perceive it to be, will not get SA out of the mess it is in. Nothing is impossible,” writes

think it is very important that the secession movement make it clear that this is not some attempt by ‘the whites’ to claim the WC for themselves. It has nothing to do with colour. It has everything to do with being able to elect a government that supports open, market-friendly and liberal policies. The DA has just recently proclaimed it is a non-racial party in the sense that merit will be the principle around which decisions are made, not race. That is exactly what our movement wants. We do not want to be governed by a party which blatantly upholds racism (BEEE, AA etc), socialism and corruption. A party which stinks of incompetence and mismanagement. Everyone who is a tax payer, and not receiving an ANC grant and has no criminal record should be welcome, provided they aspire to be part of a capitalist country run by people with competence and honesty. People with those beliefs should not be forced into being governed by a party which is the antithesis of those values.”

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