Making Africa proud – Ndlovu Youth Choir

They may not have won but the joy and transcendence they radiated to the world, and self-remembering and pride they gave back to us as South Africans is worth infinitely more than victory status and money. We’ve had national moments that touched our hearts and reminded us of what’s possible. Madiba standing shoulder to shoulder with a smiling Betsie Verwoerd after having tea with her, Madiba holding up the Rugby World Cup in the No 6 jersey with a beaming Francois Pienaar, the ‘Arch’ (Desmond Tutu), wading into a murderous crowd to save a prostrate mob-victim. And now, the Ndlovu Youth Choir. Each iconic moment displays the courage, self-belief and faith in a higher purpose that a mere scratching of the surface can uncover in South Africans. When we realise there’s so much more that unites us than separates us, hope is born anew and we’re re-invigorated. The Ndlovu Youth Choir is perhaps unique to Americans seeking talent, but not to us. They’re mirrored in township churches and community halls, school choirs, and stages across the land, every day. As ethereal and elusive as that spirit is, it’s what keeps us from the precipice every time. Nurturing a single-minded purpose and belief in community is what inspires the world – and we keep doing it. Never forget that. – Chris Bateman

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