Five essential priorities to reach greater heights of success in life – Rob Opie

Too often, human beings make the mistake of perceiving their finite energy as a substantial impediment to reaching greater heights of success in life. This article by Rob Opie, a brand strategist, author, and founder of The Game Plan, explains how greater heights can be reached by those who prioritise their lives in a specific order. Five particular priorities are emphasised. Prioritising yourself and your purpose as the top two priorities allows individuals to become experts in their field and positively influence and contribute to the world. After that, family and friends, health and wealth, and finally, the desired lifestyle should be prioritised. The great champions, Opie argues, know that to sustain greatness, they must manage their finite energy levels. – Nadya Swart

Your priorities dictate your destiny in life.

By Rob Opie*

“The most important thing I have learnt in life is to FOCUS my energy on what is important in life.” Bill Gates

Setting one’s priorities right is one of the most important actions you can take in life.

That is because your priorities will dictate your destiny.

Yet, it is startling to look at statistics showing that only a very small percentage of us are capable of clearly articulating – in hierarchical order – our “Big Five” priorities in life.

Some of us do it out of ignorance, some out of fear, and some because they cannot see the value in doing so.

Dr John de Martini says: “If you do not empower yourself, someone or something will overpower you.”

This is what clear priorities can do for YOU:

❖ Clear priorities focus your finite energies

❖ Clear priorities help YOU to make better YES/NO decisions in life.

❖ Clear priorities steer YOU towards what you want in life.

❖ Clear priorities make life far easier for YOU.

❖ Clear priorities empower you.

We are all unique human beings – and our priorities do differ as life goes on.

But, the priorities of the great champions always present a COMMON pattern from which we can all learn to avoid procrastination – and grow wiser.

Indeed: “Human greatness leaves footprints.”

The good news is that these patterns – these footprints – can be mapped and modelled to help us on our own roads to human greatness.

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This is how the great champions of life unpack their highest priorities – importantly in hierarchical order:

#Priority Number One: YOURSELF.

Many people see their FAMILY as their #.1 priority in life.

They put their family right at the top of their hierarchical list.

The great champions do not do this.

They invest in themselves first and foremost.


“You can’t help others effectively until you help yourself. Life is about setting up right to be able to inspire and help others.”

To impact positively on others, you must ensure that you are always coming from a position of strength.

This is not to say that their families are not of utmost importance.

Consider the following wisdom from Bob Bulford: “Champions recognise that self-interest is central to one’s human design, but count the greatest gain as the goodwill of fellow humankind.”

Add these wise words from American professional life coach Corey Wayne: “By taking care of yourself first, you’ll put yourself in a position to have abundance to take care of others.”

The great champions possess very high levels of FCB – having great FAITH, CONFIDENCE &BELIEF to deliver on their purpose & priorities in life.

Just think about all the people you could help because you helped YOURSELF first.

Priority Number Two: YOUR LIFE PURPOSE (YOUR WHY in life).

YOUR PURPOSE is why you exist. It is the ‘why’ in your life.

It’s the one thing you become an expert in so that you can positively influence and contribute to this world.

“Every living being was born to accomplish a certain purpose. The knowledge of that purpose enables every soul to fulfil it.” Mohammed Ali

Invest wisely in your purpose – your vocation– as the world, your family, friends, colleagues, and clients need YOU.

Your contribution and impact on others will always be more valuable when ‘your why’ is clear, compelling and congruent with your priorities and performance goals.

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Priority Number Three: YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS.

Here it is as Priority #3 – the critical importance of your family and friends.

Prioritise both as they play a vital role in your life.

The investment which you have made in BRAND YOURSELF (Priority #1) and YOUR PURPOSE (Priority #2) will impact those who you love and cherish.

Your contribution will be immense – if you set it up right in life.

Priority Number Four: YOUR HEALTH & YOUR WEALTH.

Both are important as they can easily be lost if you do not prioritise and invest in them.

The key to health is to strive to live a balanced life.

Living a balanced life means getting it right in all three realms of life and health, namely:

❖ PHYSICAL – what you put into your body.

❖ CHEMICAL – what you put into your mouth.

❖ EMOTIONAL – what you put into your head.

Optimum health comes from maintaining optimal balance in all three realms.

Priority Number Five: YOUR LIFESTYLE.

Every one of us seeks one’s own desired lifestyle.

If you do not prioritise the things you love to do, they will pass you by.

What’s more, if you do not take ‘time out’ – you will run the risk of burnout.

The great champions know that to sustain greatness, they must manage their finite energy levels.

You have to find time to: “Relax & Refuel.”

By prioritising your lifestyle choices – making time for the things you love to do– you will find the energy to ‘step up to the plate’ when required.

Whether running, sailing, fishing, reading, shopping, or whatever – it’s vitally important to find the time to re-energise yourself.

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” Walter Hagen

Now you know how the great champions of life set up right – by prioritising right.

Here are their BIG FIVE priorities summed up in hierarchical order:

❖ Priority No.1: YOURSELF

❖ Priority No.2: YOUR PURPOSE

❖ Priority No.3: YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS



Go well, keep focused and reap the benefits of a healthy, happy and prioritised life.

Go Great


*Rob Opie is a Brand Strategist, Author, Keynote Speaker, Performance Coach to business and sports teams – and life coach to those on a journey to self-actualisation.

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