Making the old new again… A retro Covid-19 comeback

Vestact CEO Paul Theron made an interesting observation in one of his newsletters this week.

He spoke about how old school ‘Drive-Ins’ could very well make a comeback with new social distancing protocols in place.

With cinemas now closed, is this a case of the disrupted disrupting the disruptor?

Paul thinks it’ll be a short win tough, especially in the US where 300 of the venues still exist; but will more of the old return in the new normal?

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Comment from Biznews community member Winston Coerecius:

Thanks for the mail

I made this suggestion in Cape Town some time ago but for a different reason i.e. a safety buffer against crime in the cities. A kind of ” take back the night” situation.

This suggestion is all the more viable and applicable and should be explored come the summer season since a possible spike in c-cases will bring about some form of lockdown. This certainly enable households to ” stay safe” within the confines of their cars.

This could also be the revival of the drive-in eateries of yesterday and throw in some form of gaming entertainment via a big screen and everyone safely in their golfies, baby BMW’s etc.

This situation could also be the takeoff of the drone delivery in a big way and or robotics.

Allow me to add more at a later stage. Let us renew our thinking since I am getting the impression that we will return to the old norm with hand sanitizer added to it.


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