Covid-19 pandemic in pictures – updated graphs that matter to South Africans

By Douglas Parker*

The raw information for this report is sourced from the Coronavirus Tracker on the internet made available by Worldometer. I source the data at 12pm each day, NZ time. The data all relates to the previous day.

  • Results today show that the total worldwide case numbers are now: +- 5,189,000
  • The percentage of people who are likely still ill from the virus totals: 5%
  • The percentage of people who have recovered from the infection is: 1%
  • And the total percentage of people who have died from the virus is: 4%

Countries experiencing the heaviest burden in new cases of the virus over the past 24 hours are:

Top Countries 21 May

  • USA: 27,347
  • Brazil: 16,730
  • Russia: 8,849
  • India: 6,198
  • Peru: 4,749
  • TOTAL 63,873 which is 61% of the world total

Trends in New cases worldwide

Total global new cases today were: +- 105,380 taking the 7 day average to around 95,370

Another increase in case numbers today, this time due to a surge of new cases in the USA. The UK reported +-2,600 new cases, with yesterday’s “zero” being a correction in total case numbers. In the Southern Hemisphere group, Australia recorded 2 new cases, South Africa a high 1,134 and New Zealand just 1.

The focus today is on trends in South Africa. Columbia is selected as a peer as it has a similar population, is at a similar stage of the pandemic cycle, and also following a slow trajectory. Columbia may have peaked, but South Africa does not show that yet. Similar sized European countries peaked at around 8,000 daily cases after about 5 weeks. South Africa is showing a longer, slower growth.

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