Covid-19 pandemic in pictures: updated graphs that matter to South Africans

By Douglas Parker* 

The raw information for this report is sourced from the Coronavirus Tracker on Worldometer. The data all relates to midnight the previous day (00.00 GMT).

  • The total worldwide case numbers are now: +- 20 239 000
  • The percentage of people who are likely still ill from the virus totals: 30.5%
  • The percentage of people who have recovered from the infection is: 65.9%
  • And the total percentage of patients who have died from the virus is: 3.6%
  • The percentage of Active cases that are considered serious/critical: 1.0%

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Countries experiencing the heaviest burden in new cases over the past 24 hours:

Top Countries 12th August

  • India: 67 066
  • Brazil: 58 081
  • USA: 54 345
  • Colombia: 12 066
  • Argentina: 7 663
  • TOTAL 199 221: 72% of the world total

Trends in New cases worldwide 

Total global new cases today were: +- 275 000 taking the 7 day average to around 261 000. The trend has stabilized due to declining new case numbers in the USA.

World cases continue to grow at nearly 1.8 million per week.

New case growth in America stabilized mid-July and has been falling since the end of July.

There has been a strong resurgence of cases in Spain since mid-July, with some growth in France, Germany and UK too.

The rate of growth in new infections in South Africa has been steadily falling since mid-July.

Actual new infections in South Africa have progressed closely in line with our Analog model so far.

Since mid-July there has been a steady drop in tests and in positive test results.

Gauteng has had some 34% of total cases in South Africa, The Western Cape & KZN 18%.

The Western & Eastern Cape have a high recovery rate, Gauteng the lowest death rate.

The Provinces are at different stages in the progression of the virus, but showing similar case loads.

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