Kingmaker Gayton

Rob Hersov describes Gayton McKenzie as a principled and dedicated figure, known for his integrity, commitment to justice, and advocacy for safety. McKenzie’s journey of redemption and steadfast values serve as an example of resilience and determination, highlighting the importance of making a positive impact.”

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By Rob Hersov

Our Gayton McKenzie is larger than life,
His smile warms all hearts in the room,
His rambunctious laugh, cheers the guests and the staff,
And he comes across honest and strong.
Gayton a good man, he’s loving and kind,
To you his last penny, he’d give,
And he’d ask for none back, cause his visions on track,
G just wants you to be safe where you live.
He stands up for Israel, he wants rule of law,
No Commies or socialists too,
He fears not Malema, nor gangsters nor fools,
But he’d kick out illegals it’s true.
He wants all the people of our broken nation,
To not be afraid of the dark,
He will stand up and fight, for what’s good and what’s right,
And he’s destined to make Gods good mark.
He’s a man of the Bible, and knows right from wrong,
Found redemption from 7 years inside,
He is poet, philosopher, our warrior-king,
And he will always swim ‘gainst the tide.
He speaks truth to power, fears not the abyss.
G will fight and never will bend.
Oh – you ANC, EFF, Commies and crooks,
Facing GMac will be your true end.
This man is a winner, I want you to know,
Shining greatness with honour and heart,
He’s a man of his word, who stands up and stand tall,
When the others you can’t tell apart.
We have one more chance to vote the ANC out,
And stop the EFF instead coming in,
The MMC think they can together hold on,
But without Gayton their chances are slim.
So, we call on John, Helen, Herman, Inkatha and gang,
To take courage, get on history’s right side,
Make the move to bring Gayton and his PA in,
So we win with a mighty landslide!

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