🔒 Alec Hogg: Buffett and Jobs on careers

On Monday our newest team member, Justin Rowe-Roberts, arrived at the BizNews offices for his first day as a financial journalist. Today it’s exactly 41 years since I was in similar shoes – a young man full of hope and idealism, embarking on a new career in what I still believe is the most honourable of trades.

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On that first day, like Justin I was unaware that journalists kept later hours. The Citizen’s offices were near deserted on my 8am arrival. That provided the opportunity to breathe in the reality – that I’d somehow managed to find my dream job. My hope for Justin is that he is similarly fulfilled during his next four decades. He’s off to a great start as you’ll read in his debut article – on Rebosis.

Reflecting on my own anniversary raised a couple of things. First, that Warren Buffett was spot on when he said if you are able to make a living from something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. And second, that the late Steve Jobs (above) was right when he said a successful career is an affair of the heart – urging those who haven’t found it yet to never stop looking.

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At this time of the year when you’re likely to be pinged with questions by fresh entrants into the world of work, it’s worth remembering those wise words from Buffett and Jobs. Their advice has certainly worked in my life. And, I’d venture, for everyone else who has heeded it.


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