🔒 Premium: Optimistic Fauci says all Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted soon

Anyone who has read Robert Kennedy’s scathing tome “The Real Anthony Fauci“, wouldn’t count themselves among the US chief medical advisor’s fans. What matters, though, is thousands of bureaucrats who decide the fate of the global economy continue to worship the man. So his pronouncements published this morning matter.

In an interview yesterday with our UK partners at The Financial Times, Fauci signalled that officialdom believes the Covid-19 pandemic is ending. He expects all the related restrictions to end soon, including mandatory wearing of masks.

The FT describes this as Fauci’s “most optimistic comments” since the coronavirus gripped the world two years ago. Critics, however, will say Fauci is simply admitting the obvious. As author Brian Pottinger articulated in December, the Omicron variant proved the coronavirus was on “a predictable path” and “in expiry phase”.

Observant South Africans have already witnessed many signs of a return to normality. Now the high priest of lockdowns has spoken, rationality will surely be embraced in a country that is weeks ahead of the global Omicron curve. Urgently. Because for thousands of businesses hanging on by their fingernails, every day matters.

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