The Fauci emails: Mask wearing, Wuhan lab outbreak possibility – Joe Rogan weighs in

Joe Rogan is a podcaster and YouTuber who, over the years, has amassed a large following of people who enjoy his outspoken views and the blunt delivery in which they come across. With 10.7 million subscribers on his channel, Rogan covers a broad range of topics – from current affairs to entertainment. Not to be left out of the debate, he weighs in on the controversial topic of the Fauci emails. Speaking with radio host Tom Papa, the two discuss the emails which have sparked debate across the world.

Joe Rogan on the Fauci emails:

Part of the mass conversation with Fauci has always been at the beginning of the pandemic, he said masks didn’t work. Then he said the reason he said that is because there wasn’t enough masks for first responders and hospital staff. He wanted to make sure that there was enough supply. He said that he didn’t tell the truth. But in these emails – these are private emails – he’s saying masks don’t work. He’s saying they’re not effective – outside of a hospital setting – the cloth masks that everybody’s wearing are not effective.

Exactly what did he say? Let’s pull it up and get exactly what he said – that’s not even the big part, though. The big part is he’s talking about gain of function research in the Wuhan lab and he’s concerned about it and thinking whether or not they had paused that and whether they’re still doing that. He’s trying to connect the gain of function research in the Wuhan lab with this Covid breakout and whether or not that’s where it came from.

On why that’s important:

Because they funded it. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) funded these people who funded the gain of function research in the Wuhan lab, which means they’re responsible for funding the very research that led to this outbreak – if that’s where it came from. All this time and he’s been saying it came from nature and that there’s no way it came from a lab. That’s shifted now, everybody is saying it came from a lab. The evidence is pointing as it’s most likely that it came from a lab. This whole time, Fauci has been saying it didn’t. But you see in his emails that he was concerned.

There’s a lot of indications, according to the email, [that] he’s talking to another scientist. The scientist points out the variables are the components of the virus that seem to indicate that it possibly came from a lab. Publicly, he’s been dismissing that, because he’s connected to the research they were doing there. It’s really complicated stuff.

On what Fauci said about masks:

“A typical mask you buy at a drugstore is not really effective in keeping out the virus, which is small enough to pass through the material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keeping out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you. I do not recommend that you wear a mask, particularly since you are going to a very low-risk location.”

This is just him saying that these drugstore masks are not really effective. This is in an email after he said publicly, that you didn’t have to wear masks because they didn’t really help. After that he said, he wasn’t telling the truth there because he didn’t want people to buy all the masks. But then he’s saying this after that, in an email, saying that they don’t really work. 

On why Fauci would promote masks if he didn’t believe in their effectiveness:

 Because it’s the narrative. The narrative is [that] everybody needs to mask up. Why? Because it makes people feel safer and it helps people get back to work. It obviously is providing some benefit. This is my take on it. Something’s happening, because the flu cases are down. Is that because of people wearing masks? Is that because of social distancing? Because everybody freaked out and stayed away from each other for so long.

There’s very well likely something to masks that maybe we weren’t aware of. Even what he’s saying there, that it might just keep our gross droplets. But isn’t it at all about viral load? That’s the thing they say about hospital workers. They’re exposed to so much that it’s overwhelming and they get really sick. Maybe that’s what these masks are good for.

Which are the protective measures anyone should take against the new virus. Do masks work? He said the vast majority of people outside China do not need to wear a mask. A mask is more appropriate for someone who is infected than for people trying to protect against infection.

On the Wuhan Lab leak theory:

I think the idea when they’re doing this research, is to find out what makes these viruses more infectious. They were doing it on the original Sars [virus] as well, which has a 10% fatality rate. This stuff is less than 1%. Yeah. By doing this gain of function research, they run the risk of people getting sick.

We just found out a couple of weeks ago that in November 2019, three workers from the lab in Wuhan got sent to the hospital, really ill with coronavirus like symptoms. This was before they had Covid-19 tests. These people got sent home, I believe one of the guy’s wives died from Covid and they think this was the initial infection.

These people in the lab got sick. So all this time, while they were trying to dismiss this lab outbreak [theory], that had been hidden from us – [the fact that] these three people in the lab got sick, the fact that Fauci had something to do with that gain of function research and funding [it] – that had kind of been hidden from us.

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