Mailbox: ‘Please, let Edgars be saved’ – it’s part of who we are

Edgars – the iconic clothing retailer and department store giant which has been a part of South Africans’ lives for decades – has been a topic of great concern and interest in recent months. Edcon, the parent organisation of Edgars, was placed in business rescue in April 2020 and, ever since, fears that the beloved retailer may close its doors has affected thousands upon thousands of South Africans – both employees and devoted customers. Nanette Miranda, who has clothed her children through Edgars and watched her children hone valuable employment skills at Edgars, has written a heartfelt letter, praising the Edgars’ legacy and expressing hope that it will be saved. – Nadya Swart

By Nanette Miranda

It seems according to today’s news that there will be a chance Edgars might be saved. I am hoping this will be so as Edgars has been a very large part of our family for many years. During the years of child rearing it has clothed my family in quality affordable clothes as well as myself and my husband. Now it is clothing our grandchildren. The Company always had a very reputable work ethic.

Two of my four children were privileged to work for Edgars while they were students. My son worked in the watch department and Edgars trained him on computers and the repair of watches; he was highly motivated by the staff there and they even presented him with a certificate after the training courses. He really enjoyed his job while he was studying Law at UJ. My daughter also worked at Edgars and enjoyed her time there; they both got on very well with all the staff. If my son went shopping he usually ended up behind the counter assisting as his skills were counted on if there were new staff.

I am telling you this as a parent because not only did Edgars clothe the family, they instilled a work ethic within my children. My son today has his own Law Firm in Sandton and my daughter is a Teacher at a top school in Sandton.

As a family we are hoping that Edgars makes it. We would be devastated to lose the shop that has played such a big part of our lives. Regarding their staff: this also troubles us as they are so helpful and courteous when you enter the shop. To think of the retrenchment of the staff and how it will affect so many people down the line is traumatising for us as a family.

Edgars has a sparkle of its own in any Mall and we hope, especially regarding their staff, that they are saved.

My husband was in High School at Maritz Brothers Inanda when he had the privilege to meet Sidney Press, the founder of Edgars. He offered my husband a position when he left school but my husband had decided on a different career path.

We as a family hope to see Edgars pull through and return to be one of the major clothing retailers of South Africa once again.

Best regards,

Nanette Miranda.