MAILBOX: Gayton McKenzie’s thing for swimming-pools

Comment from BizNews community member Chris Moore:

Dear Annette,

Not so long ago Alec Hogg passed on to you a mail of mine in connection with Murraysburg – where we own property to which we hope to move to in the near future.

I notice from Mr McKenzie’s Facebook that he has now visited Murraysburg.

Well done .. it does however appear that Mr McKenzie has a thing for swimming pools..? Tennis court and swimming pool I know about – not so sure about a “squash court”? There is a bowling green.

If I may;

Murraysburg has a website

There is also a Facebook entry


There is also a local grouping trying to find projects to uplift the town and community

There are also a number of community WhatsApp groups.

A recent Youtube video of a visit to the town


Although children need to play and sport is important might I suggest that what is also important are things like education, things that make life enjoyable like … reliable power, reliable water provision, refuse removal, Municipal tractors that work, reliable Internet, projects that enable people to earn a living wage. In short all of the responsibilities of a properly functioning municipal authority. One that can see beyond swimming pools.

I wonder what else Mr McKenzie looked at?

  • Did he look at the Leiwater system?
  • Did he take note of the Garlic project in the town?
  • Did he visit any of the schools in Murraysburg?
  • Did he stay for lunch?
  • Did he speak to the local ANC ward councillor?
  • Did he visit the one and only lonely CHINESE shop in town?
  • How many of the residents did he speak to?
  • Did he visit the local municipal offices?
  • Visit Kays Cafe – and purchase “Murraysburg 150 Jaar” a locally written book describing the history of the town?

Was he able to ascertain why after nearly a year I have not had a rates invoice from the Beaufort West Municipality (Murraysburg resorts under the Beaufort West Municipality)

Much as Mr McKenzie’s visit encourages me I do suggest he acquires better advisors ….

Chris Moore
Pietermaritzburg (currently)
South Africa

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