BizNews Community Speaks: Hersov hits nail on head

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The BizNews Community has responded to Alec Hogg’s interview with Rob Hersov – “From businessman to activist” – and why Hersov joined the march on Luthuli House. Hersov has attracted significant public attention with his outspoken comments on South Africa’s political realm. Members of the community have been swept up in a wind of emotion after Hersov’s speech outside the ANC headquarters – stirring the pot even more as the nation prepares for a watershed election in May 2024.

On being a voice for South Africans who do not have the platform to speak out and being the courageous ‘big businessman’

If you go to the ‘comments’ section under the Youtube video, you will be scrolling through an abundance of replies that praise and salute Hersov and his speech to the government and the nation as a whole. Keywords that continue to pop up in the replies include “thanks,” “gratitude,” “respect,” and “hero.” Below are some comments expressing such feelings:

Many are calling out Big Business – with Bryan Mcdougall stating “Seems that finally the corporate tree has been shaken. About time the corporates are starting to wake up…”.

OmegaKiwi commented:

Every country has political lobbies with business people supporting those who offer favourable governance. South Africa has no outspoken business communities. This can signal one of two scenarios in my opinion. Either the ANC is so corrupt that companies find the political confusion worthwhile as they can operate without regard for the law, or the ANC is seen as a totalitarian regime that can easily crush a company that dares speak out against it. Rob’s assets are abroad and can afford to speak out, but domestic businesses are far more exposed. If enough heavyweights can get behind an anti-ANC movement and provide a real alternative, then I’m sure we’ll see change.

Comments on the ANC government

Many have expressed their discontent and frustration with the ANC – with a common thread being expressed: “The ANC has become very arrogant, WE DONT NEED THEM” (from SoSo MsE). Further, many are backing the notion of the ANC being a ‘criminal gang’:

Another commentator, Ged Raath, spoke out saying:

‘Having been born 65 years ago in Zimbabwe…..I hope you folks understand that the more people unemployed under ANC strengthens their hold…’s all about empty promises.’

Mike Van Wyk humorously added, “Maybe Rob could start a line of ‘Voetsak’ T-shirts”.

Despite all the praise, some have also voiced their critique of the interview.

Mashudu commented:

I think Rob really crossed the line wiry some of his remarks. For example, calling CR a “disgrace to his family” is unnecessarily personal. We are all angry and want change but some of those calling for change are more divisive. Imagine calling Vladmir Putin, Xi Jingping or even Lee Kuan Yew a disgrace to their family in public? I’m not calling for autocracy but the blatant disrespect takes away from the issues at hand. I commend the bravery but I lost a lot of respect for Rob.

Bryan Haller stated, “Rob Hersov claims to be apolitical, makes a speech on a DA platform yet is a great fan of Gayton Mackenzie whose party has just ousted the DA mayor in Johannesburg! Please explain?”

After a turn out of over double the expected number of people, the global entrepreneur is truly making waves within the South African society. The responses continue to flood in and the emotions continue to stir.

What are your thoughts on Rob Hersov’s speech and his interview on the state of South Africa? Share your views below.

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