Mailbox: Letter to Mr President, PLEASE resurrect South Africa ASAP from the dire ashes it is in!

From Ornella Pasqua

Good day Mr President, Cyril Ramaphosa,

I am a 47 year old female South African citizen and a Victim and Survivor of Clergy Sexual Abuse and Rape. I have been bravely speaking out for years against the reality and horrors of Sexual Abuse by Clergy and its Cover-up in the Catholic Church (my Story was published in News24 last year on 9 March 2022). And my courageously speaking up and reporting my Clergy Sexual Abuse case to the Vatican in 2010 cost me the grave injustice of losing my church employment and it has left me in financial difficulty ever since, but I continue to fight the good fight for justice and right for myself and other victims and survivors of Sexual Abuse at the hands of Clergy despite the personal cost to me. We all (and especially Statesmen, Presidents, Leaders and all Authority figures) need to have the Courage to speak up for justice, truth and right, no matter the (personal) cost.

I love South Africa and all its peoples. 

Mr. President, PLEASE Resurrect South Africa from these dire Ashes it is in! It was the Pearl of Africa, but now it has taken just over two decades of greed and plundering by its leaders and people in authority so that all we are left with now of South Africa is an empty and smashed shell of broken dreams for all of its peoples, and a totally broken country! 

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Is this the legacy that Statesman and President Nelson Mandela wished to leave behind: widespread Ministerial, Governmental, Statal and Parastatal Institutions, Party and Partisan, collective and individual, gross corruption, grave greed for power and money and the total destruction, rape, plundering, theft and ruination of South Africa and of its wealth and once world-class infrastructure and service delivery, and the ruination of the lives, hopes and dreams of all its peoples and deeds all committed for these persons own personal and nepotismal gain?! This total destruction, corruption, greed for power and money, such horrific and selfish deeds were and are being committed at the power-hungry, greedy and dishonest hands of many of the past and present persons, male and female, who are in places of Leadership, Power and Authority in the Government and Institutions of South Africa. 

We need Statesmen and Servant Leaders of integrity, courage and of high moral standing in South Africa NOW, leaders who lead by example and walk the talk, and leaders who action NOW all that is good for all the people of South Africa NOW, and for South Africa’s IMMEDIATE resurrection from these Ashes, and for its immediate rebuilding into the Pearl of Africa it can once again be! But action must be taken now by its leaders and people in positions of authority and power! 

Being a president, leader, person in authority and power and/or a politician carries the GREAT RESPONSIBILITYof only working tirelessly to effect change for the GOOD of the country, for all its peoples and and even thus, for the betterment of the world! The Statue of Liberty requires the Statue of RESPONSIBILITY alongside it, Liberty, in every sense of the word, without RESPONSIBILITY spells disaster for all!

We need Statesmen, Presidents, Ministers and Authority figures nationwide who serve the People of South Africa and who work ONLY for the good and wellbeing of the People of South Africa (all of its people) and not Presidents, Leaders and Authority figures who ‘lead’ and ‘work’ for their and their friends’/comrades’/families’/Party’s personal gain and wealth.

I repeat, in South Africa we need Statesmen, Leaders and Authority figures in Government, in Municipalities and in all Statal and Parastatal Institutions nationwide with a strong and courageous backbone and integrity, and we need them NOW, leaders and persons in places of authority who walk their talk, and who are prepared to give what it costs, even personally, to stand up for truth, justice, integrity, honesty and right and who have the courage, individually and collectively, to restore, rebuild and continue to build up South Africa, NOW (there is not a minute to lose!), to being the Pearl of Africa, to implement healthy proposals immediately and action them immediately for the wellbeing, resurrection, rebuilding, thriving and hope and the realising of dreams of all South Africa’s citizens in this direly desperate need of resurrection and rebuilding South Africa and its Governance and Leadership need NOW – a direly desperate situation South Africa has been brought and precipitated to by over two decades of most of South Africa’s presidents, leaders and authority figures’ grave misgovernance, gross corruption, greed for power and personal and nepotical monetary gain and grave inaction.

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South Africa is, and has been in a dire situation of grave and rapid decline into ashes and ruination, and to becoming worse than a third world country soon for over two decades now. South Africa now tragically lies in ashes from being the Pearl of Africa and to once being even comparable to many other first world countries globally! This evil, cowardly inaction, corruption and greed and grave and gross abuse of power by most of South Africa’s leaders and people in places of power and authority in government and elsewhere must STOP, and must stop NOW, and they must REBUILD, RESTORE and MAKE THRIVE what they have grossly and gravely plundered, stolen and raped from this stunning country and from its beautiful people, and from its once thriving infrastructure and wealth! 

Leaders of South Africa, please give a good example to the people of South Africa; BUILD, REBUILD and BUILD SOMEMORE for the good of all South Africa’s citizens and for the good of our beloved South Africa and STOP plundering, raping, stealing and breaking this country down, immediately!

And evil thrives when the good people say nothing – silence, i.e cowardice and inaction, by good statesmen, leaders, authority figures, parties and citizens, when they witness or see evil, only increases the perpetuation of evil and the total destruction of our most beautiful, God-given Home to all its peoples, South Africa!

I write to you, Mr President, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, out of my great love for South Africa and for all its peoples and for South Africa and all its peoples health, wellbeing, prosperity and for a future of hope and prosperity for all. Please act now for the good of all! Please!

I kindly look forward to your reply.


Ornella Maria Pasqua (Ms)

(Victim and Survivor of Clergy Sexual Abuse, and I also now have qualified some years ago to give counselling in trauma especially, and I counsel the underprivileged mostly, there is so much suffering in South Africa!)  

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