Mailbox: Reflection needed on South Africa’s stance in International affairs

BizNews community member Garth Brook expresses growing apprehension about recent discussions on colonialism, especially in South African politics. With a historical focus on figures like Kruger and Smuts, parallels to contemporary events in Ukraine raise thought-provoking questions. As elections approach, a thorough examination of our government’s international stance is crucial.

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I wonder if the Minister would reply…

From BizNews community member Garth Brook

I write to you with a growing concern regarding recent discussions on colonialism, particularly within the context of South African politics and international affairs. It appears that some members of parliament may not be as well-informed as necessary, prompting a call for responsible addressing of this matter.

The historical narrative of colonialism, with references to figures like Paul Kruger, Jan Smuts, and Rhodes, has become a focal point of recent discourse. It is imperative to acknowledge the significant role colonialism played during their era, notably during the Boer wars and subsequent conflicts that underscored the complexities of South Africa’s struggle for independence, with the British playing a central role.

Fast forwarding to contemporary times, I cannot help but draw parallels between historical colonialism and current events in Ukraine, Crimea, and Poland. The comparison between Russia’s actions and historical events, such as the scorched earth policy employed by Kitchener, raises thought-provoking questions. The reluctance of the British to relinquish control over their colonies seems eerily like Russia’s behaviour today.

The primary concern that arises is the potential alignment of our government with actions reminiscent of colonial rule, particularly in supporting Russia’s actions leading to the loss of innocent lives and destruction of infrastructure in Ukraine, not unlike Kitchener’s scorched earth policy.

As we approach an election year, I urge a thorough examination of our government’s stance on international affairs. If there exists any misunderstanding or misrepresentation, it would be prudent for the Minister of Foreign Affairs to address the public, providing much-needed clarification and reassurance regarding our country’s position on the issues raised.

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