Storm in a teacup? #StateCaptureReport ‘over-rated’, say Mantashe, Davies, other ANC leaders

The most senior figures in the ANC have had time to digest the contents of the #StateCaptureReport, coming to the conclusion that there really isn’t anything particularly explosive or damaging in the contents. Moving to support President Jacob Zuma, ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe has reportedly said the former Public Prosecutor, Thuli Madonsela, has gone beyond her powers in suggesting a Commission of Inquiry into allegations of widespread financial irregularities across state entities. He said this after emerging from the ANC’s first National Working Committee meeting following the release of the #StateCaptureReport, according to the SABC. Although there has been a call for ANC members to join opposition leaders in a vote of no confidence in Zuma in Parliament this week, Mantashe said ANC MPs will not vote according to their own conscience but based on the party caucus position. Meanwhile, another government minister who has aligned himself with Zuma is Rob Davies, Minister of Trade and Industry. He reckons there’s nothing much in the report that will worry international investors and that the dust will settle – just like it did in China, which has been criticised over human rights abuses. China lifted itself out of poverty to become one of the world’s largest economies; South Africa, on the other hand, is at best limping along with the long-term downward trajectory of the rand indicating where international investors think it is heading. There are none so blind as those who will not see. – Jackie Cameron

By Jenni Evans

Cape Town – Foreign direct investors have not bolted due to allegations in the Public Protector’s State of Capture report, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said on Tuesday.

“Foreign direct investors do not respond to those things very much. Nobody is withdrawing as a result of those developments,” he said on the side-lines of the Western Cape Manufacturing Indaba.

South African Trade & Industry Minister Rob Davies.
South African Trade & Industry Minister Rob Davies.

“In the early years, many commentators were not liking what they saw in China, but foreign investors had to go there anyway because the place was performing so well.”

He did not expect electricity supplies, so crucial to the manufacturing sector, to be adversely affected by the controversy over Eskom’s coal purchase agreement with a company part-owned by the Guptas and President Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane.

“I think it’s going to stabilise to a very high degree.”

Davies said South Africa, like other prudent countries, had a mix of energy generation sources to draw on.

The real problem for investors was administered charges, such as high port fees.

Flying the flag high for local manufacturing, he encouraged businesses to take advantage of the “fourth industrial revolution” – digitisation and robotics.

Sixty percent of the department’s R10bn budget was going toward incentives and support for companies with strong localisation potential.

‘Gupta thing’

He lamented the high amount of electro-technology still imported into South Africa. Some of it was of poor quality and justified the imposition of import tariffs to protect local industry.

Asked later whether the Guptas had offered him his job, he replied testily: “You know, I’m not doing a Gupta thing. I was offered a Cabinet position, which I accepted in 2009.”

Zuma, his deputy, and ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe had offered him his job, he said.

“I wasn’t offered it by anybody else,” he said.

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Davies was among ministers interviewed for the State of Capture report, compiled by the Public Protector’s office when it was led by Thuli Madonsela.

Her successor, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, made it public on the Public Protector website last Wednesday after Zuma withdrew a court application for an interdict to keep it under wraps until he had a chance to answer to the allegations.

Eskom contract

An accompanying transcript of an interview with Madonsela showed he was given the opportunity to say whether he had been in the proximity of the Guptas when they allegedly offered Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas the job of finance minister, and former MP Vytjie Mentor the job of public enterprises minister in 2010.

The Gupta brothers are founders and shareholders of the Oakbay investments company, which has interests ranging from mining to media.


One of their businesses, Tegeta, landed a massive contract to supply coal to Eskom. Eskom’s power supply has stabilised without any prolonged power cuts for over a year.

Questions have been raised over whether Tegeta got the tender because Zuma’s son Duduzane was a shareholder in the company.

Madonsela’s investigators determined that Eskom CEO Brian Molefe’s phone signal was picked up in Saxonwold, where the Guptas live, and that there were 44 calls between him and the family. – FIn24


Some do not want the truth to come out – Madonsela on #StateCaptureReport

By Amanda Khoza

Durban – Former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela on Monday night declined to comment after the ANC Youth League called her a drama queen and said she needed to “rest in peace”.

“I knew that there were those who’d rather the truth never come to light, and I knew that those that don’t want the truth to come to light would be angry with me, there is nothing that I can do about that,” said Madonsela.

Photo published courtesy of Twitter @townzarmedia
Photo published courtesy of Twitter @townzarmedia

She was speaking at the 2016 Mahamta Gandhi Awards at the Durban City Hall, where she received The Second Satyagraha Award for her tremendous contribution during her tenure as the Public Protector.

During a press briefing on Monday, the ANC Youth League reportedly called Madonsela “a drama queen” that needed “to rest in peace”.

The league criticised Madonsela’s explosive State of Capture report, saying she had used it to “further enhance the agenda of the Democratic Alliance”.

“The ANC Youth League has noted that the drama queen has left the office and therefore remains not busy these days.

“As the ANCYL, we want to wish her well in her DA endeavours. Now that she’s resting, can she rest in peace.” ANCYL spokesperson, Mlondi Mkhize, was quoted as having said by eNCA.

‘I have done the best that I could’

Speaking on the sidelines of the awards ceremony, Madonsela said she did not really have a response to the ANCYL’s utterances.

“I know that I have done the best that I could as a human being with the State of Capture report, but I also had no illusions as we completed this report. I knew that there would be people who would be happy that this would strengthen our Constitutional democracy and shed some light on a very difficult issue.”

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Madonsela said she also knew that there were people who wanted the matter to be investigated “upfront to make sure we know who is lying and who is not because otherwise it creates turbulence when we don’t know whether our state or parts of our state are being controlled by outsiders”.

The former Public Protector has received widespread criticism following the release of the report, which investigated allegations of state capture by the controversial Gupta family and President Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane.

During her acceptance speech, Madonsela said “If there ever was a time for us to be reminded by the life and the message in the life of Mahamta Gandhi, it is today. A time when we are going through a serious turbulent country and world.

“A time when we are reflecting as humanity regarding what road brought us here and are there alternative roads that we could take towards that world where we can all be happy, there can be friendship and where we can embrace each other regardless of race, gender, disability and sexual orientation.”

Other recipients included Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and Shaka Sisulu (both of whom could not attend due to ill health) and Judge Albie Sachs. – News24


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