South Africans call for Zuma’s head as #Zumicon plunges country into deep crisis

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President Jacob Zuma could easily have tipped South Africa over the edge of a cliff into deep financial crisis with #Zumicon, his radical overhaul of the cabinet this week. He switched 10 ministers and 10 deputy ministers, surrounding himself with allies. Widely expected, but worrying nonetheless, Zuma axed finance minister Pravin Gordhan – who cut a relatively lonely figure in taking a stand against corruption and state capture.

South African President Jacob Zuma. Photographer: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg

As experts warn that the country is heading for catastrophe, citizens have reacted with outrage and fear across social media channels.

Many would like to see Zuma leave the political scene, fast.

Hundreds of people responded to the shock news on Alec Hogg’s Facebook page, with Christine Brits summing up sentiment: “Zuma WANTS to take the country down with him. A corrupt, nasty and very evil man. May you one day rot in Hell. You are not worthy of being called a President.”

Just below, Murdock Macdonald attracted hundreds of likes after posting this comment:

“This is the moment where we shall see if anyone from this current ANC care about the future of South Africa. If this sinister wholly corrupted president is permitted to continue, Zimbabwe will seem like Utopia in comparison.!!!!” South Africa, if you love your country, it’s now or never time to stand against this disastrous criminal called Zuma.!!!!!!”

Erik Du Preez was angry. He said: “Gordhan out, so ANC must be voted out in 2019! Unbelievable. One man will kill a 100+ year old party!!! #zumamustfall #taxrevolt.”

Also on Alec Hogg’s Facebook page, Marion Makepeace shared a comment that resonated with many BizNews visitors. She said: 

“OK, so now we find out if there is any hope left – will the remnants of the ANC find the balls to throw him out or is this country totally doomed? Zuma has acted like the most arrogant of tribal chieftains instead of a public servant – he is only servant to the Guptas but a madman to the whole of South Africa, whom he was elected to serve, not abuse! This latest act will guarantee that SA’S economy tanks, it is inevitable that our ratings will now go to ‘stay away’. So now we find out if they can say nay to the destroyer… or become complicit in the destruction of the country! “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”

Lynette Nunn said South Africans should be relieved that President Jacob Zuma doesn’t have a little red button on his desk. “Thank God SA does not have nuclear weapons……could you imagine having Zuma and his Big 6 …..a bunch of absolute brainless, idiotic, weak morons….with access to a red button to destroy…..we would all be dead by now.

“I don’t wish people ill, but Zuma needs to go to heaven…..very soon,” she added.

Many people see similarities between Zimbabwe, Venezuela and South Africa.

Madhuri Kooverjee Chavda noted: “I’ve always said he’s ‘another Mugabe’ in the making!!” Corrie Steyn agreed: “If Mugabe got this far Zuma has a chance. The mob is at work. Robbing us.”

Onlookers overwhelmingly think that the Gupta brothers – a rich immigrant family from India with tentacles across state entities – are pulling Zuma’s strings.

Tony Berry said, wryly: “Apologies in advance if this seems like gutter humour, but can South Africa become a colony of India if the cabinet is controlled by Indians?”

Danielle Barbara Carnell was with Tony Berry. She said of Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle: “Congratulations he has just sold the country to the Russians and Indians to ensure great personal wealth! Africans are the losers!

Zapiro’s latest take on State Capture. More magic available at

Many South Africans hope for a return to the brighter days in the fledgling democracy in which diverse groups were being encouraged to embrace a Rainbow Nation that would work for all.

Dieter Benischke asked: “Can we please get qualified experienced people running SA never mind race or colour please. Be the rainbow nation the world wants to see thus enriching Africa?”

Comments came in thick and fast on the news of #Zumicon under articles on the BizNews home page, too.

“Time for all to withhold taxes and VAT. Let the business organisations arrange an account into which all taxes can be paid, and use the funds for real education and health. Don’t give your money to the thieves in government,” urged PJ.

More of Jerm’s magic available on his website

Just Saying had a more ominous call to action: “To whom does South Africa belong, to the people or to Zuma and his cronies? Who has put Zuma in power? the People did, now its time for the people to actively and visibly show Zuma that he cannot hold SA and the people to ransom with his antics. I call on the people to physically do whatever they are allowed to do in law e.g. demonstrations etc to force Zuma out of power, including his cronies as well as revoking the citizenship of the Gupta”

Added John Viveiros: “If the Judiciary and the Constitutional Court are unable to do anything over the next 7 days, they will have made themselves almost completely irrelevant in keeping government in check, since they are responsible for keeping the executive accountable and it is their slow and deliberate process in fumbling with law at snail’s pace, that finds us here.

“South Africa, did not vote for this rogue president and certainly has not voted for Guptas who are intent on stripping monetary assets for self gain.”

Share your views about #Zumicon, below.

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