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Nestled in the Crags on the sunny south coast of South Africa, Ingwe Estate offers exclusive secluded, off the grid living in a haven of secure wilderness.

With Nature at your back door; you’re surrounded by truly awe-inspiring natural wonders, an opportunity which city life simply doesn’t offer. With cascading mountains, winding rivers, towering forests, award-winning national parks and blue-flag beaches Ingwe offers its residents the exclusive opportunity to have nature as your backyard, allowing you to sit back and truly enjoy the views. Or, if you’re inclined to explore the outdoors, there are ample opportunities for walks, hikes, kayaking, boating, fishing or off road bicycle rides. Ingwe Estate envisioned a unique living opportunity for residents with seamless integration of natural beauty and urban living. Imagine your perfect and exclusive vacation getaway transitioning into a destination which you can call home.

Ingwe Estate is built on the foundations of sustainability and preservation of the region’s natural aesthetics, and its fauna and flora. Ingwe Estate is self-sufficient; generating its energy through solar power, boreholes and natural streams provide Ingwe with water independence. With a moderate climate, Ingwe Estate is one of the most amazing places blessed with rich soil for the growth of edible crops (trees, herbs, shrubs and root crops). The permaculture gardens tie in with the ideology of ‘Living Well’. With these cornerstones, Ingwe Estate and its residents reduce the demand for natural resources, and preserve the region through sustainable and responsible living.

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The ideology is that “One should live to work and not work to live”, that’s exactly what Ingwe Estate offers. Living your best life by creating a more safe, secure & balanced lifestyle for you and your family! The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the work-from-home lifestyle and has led many to re-evaluate the quality of their home life. Naturally, they come to the conclusion that working from home is a lot more enjoyable when you have inspiring scenery and a rejuvenating outdoor lifestyle. Ingwe Estate offers you the smart home experience; good internet connectivity makes working from home as easy as switching on your laptop. A work trip to any major city in South Africa is easily arranged through Ingwe’s concierge service, if you drive yourself, Plettenberg Bay airport is a few minutes  away, or a two hour  scenic drive to larger city centres like George and Port Elizabeth where airport flight times to major centres is one and a half hours away. Kids who are attending virtual school sessions can enjoy fresh air and scenic views in a calming environment right from their desk. Families moving to the Garden Route have discovered the quality lifestyle they had been searching for, and some of the country’s best public and private schools on their doorstep.

South Africa’s so-called ‘super-commuters’ who live at Ingwe estate, will enjoy a balanced quality of life, slower paced days, less noise pollution and of course the beauty that only Ingwe Estate and surrounds can offer; untamed forests, crystal clear oceans, adventures for sports and outdoor enthusiasts and locally produced culinary delights and SA’s award-winning restaurants, wine farms and other lifestyle experiences. A plethora of activities on and off-site ranging from adrenaline to leisure, from hiking, mountain biking, abseiling, bungee jumping, skydiving, marine safaris, boutique shopping and wine tasting. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

“Undisturbed moments with serene sunrises and calm nights, with only the sounds of nature surrounding you, this is what I have searched for all my life, and I’ve found it right here at Ingwe Estate!” – Ingwe Resident

The exclusive Garden Route lifestyle is one that is perfect for people looking for a place to relocate or retire that is a step away from city life, while still offering an exciting and attractive lifestyle and for families looking to give their children a wondrous seaside upbringing with all the adventure and excitement that comes with it, with the ease of travel at the centrally located airports.

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