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Surviving current transport industry challenges, it helps to consider bringing in technology and experience: Truck availability issues, high diesel prices, looting/hijacking and challenging economic environment all putting pressure on your transport costs and service. 

These challenges are further complicated by consumers demanding lower prices, increased availability, and better service. This puts pressure on businesses already stretched supply chains in a very competitive South African market. 

Linebooker’s technology, network of transporters (530+), trucks (16000+) and industry experience might just be the solution you need. 

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Linebooker currently supports a significant amount of top companies in SA to resolve their biggest transport pain points whilst reducing transport spend. Linebooker can link you with a reference contact at similar businesses to yours for you to get independent feedback on results delivered.

Linebooker – South Africa’s largest freight platform, a true Logistics service provider with a unique solution. Many businesses are turning to technology to solve their logistics frustrations. 

Linebooker works like this:

Your team can register online and have immediate access – Your team can “plan” loads onto Linebooker – according to your instructions loads are allocated to your chosen transporters via the technology – you get full load status visibility live at any time – Linebooker can quickly access 16000+ trucks for you via Tender, short term fixed contracts or adhoc within 30min on the day to provide 100% truck availability at reduced rates. Linebooker can also handle full transport operations. 

All customers to date have increased truck supply in season and reduced transport costs by more than 10%. 

Greater control of transport operations and full visibility of loads improves supply chain performance and reduces costs significantly. 

What is the difference between Linebooker and your current transport service provider? How is Linebooker able to reduce costs and increase service levels?

  • Linebooker’s network effect: Linebooker connects with 16000+ trucks and 530+ transport companies instantly. Individual transport companies or Logistics providers do not have this network size to ensure customers are serviced properly. 
  • Continuous investment in new innovative technology: Linebooker pioneered technology innovation in the SA transport industry. Our core focus is to enhance the technology daily and through this process the platform can deliver savings more than 10% to customers whilst improving truck supply and service levels. 
  • Lack of visibility: Most current service providers do not have the technology available to give customers full visibility and data of all transport movements – live. This can be by design at times, the less visibility a customer has on pricing and service levels the easier it is to overcharge a customer.
  • Pro active and accurate service level visibility: Does your current service provider give you proactive visibility of today’s service levels? Loads offered for transport at what price this morning, how many was booked, where are they now? what time will they offload? reasons for delays. What does the truck availability look like for the rest of the week? Linebooker loads are monitored by the platform; capacity is secured via the network; and scorecards and KPI reporting are distributed automatically each and every day. Our professional logistics experts are on hand at all times to intervene and manage the logistics process with speed and consistency.

The above results in better service, lower total costs and greater predictability. 

What are the benefits for Executives, Directors and Business owners? 

Traditionally the transport cost line has been palmed off to someone in the warehouse with very little oversite or control. This seems to be changing as Transport cost and service is moving into the boardroom and becoming a vocal point for customers. With a full technology solution like Linebooker all stakeholders win, Logistics managers to CFO’s to CEO’s. 

  • Logistics and Transport Managers: saves significant time and frustration by leveraging Linebooker technology and large network of trucks and prices. Instead of juggling activities across lots of different transporters, plus their own transporters, logistics pros simply have to use technology via n single platform.
  • Chief Financial Officers: As transportation becomes a larger line item in a CFO’s budget, Linebooker combines world-class technology and transport management to take over the management of those networks and deliver ROI within 6 months or less.
  • Chief Executive Officers – With an eye on the bottom line, partnering with Linebooker alleviates many of the business performance and operational headaches associated with transport that were formerly handled blind, draining time, staff resources and budget.

Going forward experts predict that the industry should expect to see Linebooker type solutions playing an increasingly important role, as the industry have been hit hard by capacity issues, rising fuel costs and ever-shrinking delivery windows. 

Now can be an opportune time to engage with Linebooker. Linebooker services a large group of customers currently and can link you with a reference contact a similar business to yours for you to get independent feedback on results delivered.

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