Linebooker, simplifying bulk mining transport in SA

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In South Africa, the mining industry relies heavily  on road freight as the primary mode of transportation due to insufficient investment in rail infrastructure. As a result, road freight has become the only viable solution for mines in South Africa, despite the high costs associated with this mode of transportation.

This is where Linebooker, the largest road freight platform in South Africa, can make a significant impact. With more than 18,500 trucks in its network, Linebooker can provide the capacity and flexibility that mining companies need to transport their products efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Procure and negotiate mining Tipper transport supply contracts in record time whilst saving more than 10% on your transport cost per ton. The Linebooker platform allows instant access to the largest network of trucks in Africa and a unique Bidding/E Tender solution to negotiate your 1 000 000-ton or 30 000-ton bulk transport supply contract live in 1 hour. Linebooker’s professional Transport operations teams will handle all payments and operations post selection.

Consistent supply and more than 10% savings can be delivered within the first 2 weeks with little input required from your team. Similar results have been delivered to over 100 customers to date.

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How does it work:

  1. Identify any size bulk parcel 1 000 000 ton to 30 000 ton
  2. Linebooker sends information to the network of transport companies
  3. Pre-Scheduled E Tender/Bidding window opens for 1 hour (you can view it live)
  4. Once the E tender/Bidding window closes you can accept or decline results
  5. Linebooker’s professional team then handles all operations, payment and insurance.  

Linebooker’s platform and operations team will handle all operations and payment of selected suppliers on your behalf. You will have a dedicated Operations manager to engage with and can be based on site if required. 

Such services can help mining companies reduce their transportation costs, improve their supply chain efficiency, and mitigate risks associated with the transportation of their products. 

Additionally, Linebooker’s platform allows mining companies to track and monitor their shipments in real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimise their logistics operations.

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Who is Linebooker?

Linebooker is South Africa’s largest road freight platform, connecting shippers with a vast network of reliable trucking partners. Established in 2017, the company leverages technology, data, and local market knowledge to provide reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable transportation solutions. With access to over 18,500 trucks across Africa, Linebooker’s cloud-based platform allows shippers to book, track, and manage their shipments online. Backed by African Rainbow Capital (ARC), Linebooker is committed to driving cost efficiency for Mining operations.

Procurement and tender platform

“Streamline your procurement and tender management process with our platform, saving you time and money.”

Allocation platform

“Maximise your fleet efficiency with our vehicle allocation platform, designed for the unique needs of the mining industry.”

Bidding platform

“Secure the best transportation deals for your mining operation with our bidding platform, connecting you with trusted partners.”

Outsourced operations

“Outsource your transport operations to Linebooker, and focus on what you do best”

Access all South Africa’s top transport companies instantly to ensure consistent supply via Linebooker network of 820+ transport companies and 18500+ trucks. Reduce your current transport cost per ton by more than 10% by utilising Linebooker unique online Bulk Bidding tool. Linebooker professional transport team will handle all operations, payments and risk. Tried and tested by more than 100 customers to date. Results delivered within two weeks with minimal input required from your team. 

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