GoSolr launches game-changing solar solution

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The most affordable solar solution in the market, paving the way for widespread access to solar power

GoSolr, a leading innovator in South Africa’s renewable energy sector, proudly unveils its new solar service solution, which redefines the solar energy landscape by offering the most affordable integrated solar solution in the market. From just R1399 per month, customers can now enjoy uninterrupted power in their homes. With this offering, GoSolr makes significant strides towards its vision of empowering every South African homeowner with the benefits of solar power.

Designed to make solar power accessible to all, the newly launched “Small” package includes a 3.6kW inverter, six 450-460W solar panels, and a 5kWh battery. This purpose-built solution is tailored to provide a cost-effective, integrated solar option for young families, retired individuals, and households with low electricity consumption, spending less than R1500 monthly on energy bills.

Empowering sustainable living for everyone

At the core of GoSolr’s mission is a commitment to making solar energy accessible, affordable, and flexible. Understanding the importance of convenience for customers, GoSolr’s new solar solution offers an impressively efficient installation process. From sign-up to installation, homeowners can expect to have their solar systems up and running within a mere two weeks, streamlining the journey to sustainable energy adoption.

Andrew Middleton, CEO and Co-founder of GoSolr, explains that the “Small” was designed to give more households access to reliable, consistent and affordable solar energy. “Our newly launched solar solution, which is the most affordable in the market, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to making solar power accessible to all. We firmly believe sustainable living should not be a privilege but an option available to every homeowner. In South Africa, blessed with abundant sunshine and suffering from erratic power supply, we are committed to breaking down barriers and bringing solar power to more households than ever before,” Middleton said.

By launching the most affordable solar solution in the market, GoSolr is setting a new standard for accessibility in the local renewable energy landscape. With this service, GoSolr enables homeowners to take ownership of their energy usage, embrace clean energy, and enjoy a consistent and reliable supply of renewable power.

About GoSolr

GoSolr is South Africa’s largest provider of residential solar solutions. Their innovative subscription model is unleashing the power of solar – making it accessible, affordable, and flexible for all.

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