Navigating SA’s property investment landscape: Key insights from Terebinth Capital’s Kanyane Matlou

Speaking to BizNews’ Alec Hogg, Kanyane Matlou – Senior Portfolio Manager for Listed Property at Terebrinth Capital – shares his views on the current state of the property investment market in South Africa. Matlou draws on his economics and asset management background to shed light on the challenges and opportunities in the property sector. Motlau offers valuable insight into the potential for growth in specific segments of the market, which stocks to watch, and how to navigate the complexities of property investments in a changing economic landscape.

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Excerpts from the interview

In a recent interview with BizNews, Kanyane Matlou, Senior Portfolio Manager for Listed Property at Terebinth Capital, shared valuable insights into the world of property investment. With a background in economics and years of experience in asset management, Matlou offered a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities currently facing the property sector.

On His Unique Career Path: “Going from economics to asset management may not be the most common career transition, but it aligns perfectly with my goals and plans. Property, being an interest rate-sensitive asset class, naturally led me into this field.”

On the Property Market’s Potential: “Despite property being in a tough spot, there’s reason for optimism. We believe that as the macroeconomic environment evolves, there will be opportunities for investors to capitalize on the sector, especially as interest rates eventually normalize.”

On the Timing of Investment: “It’s challenging to time the market perfectly, but the key is to have exposure. Waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment can result in missed opportunities. The risk-reward trade-off is currently skewed to the upside.”

On Retail Property Stocks: “In the retail sector, there’s potential for growth, particularly in convenience centers focused on non-discretionary spending. SA Corporate stands out with its attractive valuation and diverse exposure, including inner-city residential properties.”

On the Logistics Sector: “Logistics assets, driven by e-commerce strategies and supply chain optimization, are in a sweet spot. Equitus is a specialist counter worth considering for investors interested in this sector.”

On the Office Property Market: “The office sector faces challenges due to oversupply and economic factors. It’s likely to be a slow recovery, dependent on sustainable economic growth and space uptake.”

Kanyane Matlou’s comprehensive insights offer investors a deeper understanding of the property investment landscape, highlighting the potential for growth and the importance of seizing opportunities in a dynamic market.

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