Early bird webinar: Section 12B solar tax incentive round two

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Join Alec Hogg and Jonty Sacks on the 25th of April 2024 at 12h00, where they will break down the ins and outs of the highly popular Section 12B solar investment incentive and introduce Jaltech’s fourth Section 12B solar investment. 

The standout feature of their latest investment is that it will entitle investors to receive up to 90% of their investment back within the first year of investment through SARS refunds and cash inflows. Investors can also expect highly dependable cash flows over the investment term due to selling electricity to credit-worthy commercial and industrial energy consumers in South Africa. 

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Information about the investment 

Jaltech offers taxpayers the opportunity to invest in the rapidly growing solar market and receive up to 90% of their investment back within the first year through SARS refunds and cash inflows. 

Jaltech has enhanced the tax deductibility of the investment by introducing gearing. The advantage is that the debt funding enables Jaltech to acquire additional solar equipment on behalf of the investor. Consequently, this allows the investor to claim an added tax benefit within the same year. In short, the debt funding increases the tax deduction from 125% to 187%.

Importantly, investing early in the financial year will reduce their risk of non-deployment, thereby increasing the possibility of claiming the tax benefit. 

Why Jaltech?

With a track record of superior performance, Jaltech leads the Section 12B investment market during 2024 by having:

  • raised and committed over R365 million across 159 solar projects
  • achieved an annual deployment percentage of 93% of investors’ capital 
  • invested in solar projects which are on track to generate double-digit IRRs for investors

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