Wait Mulaudzi, I’m not done yet: O’Sullivan

In open letter to Hawks spokesman Hangwani Mulaudzi, veteran crime fighter Paul O’Sullivan celebrates two victories – the arrests of seven suspects implicated by evidence in the Zondo Commission into State Capture, and former head of crime intelligence Richard Mdluli starting a five-year jail term. But O’Sullivan’s job is far from done, not with a phalanx of crooked policemen still roaming free. In this hard-hitting message, O’Sullivan reminds Mulaudzi of his vow not to rest until all corrupt policemen are behind bars. – Derek Alberts

By Paul O’Sullivan* 

Hello Mulaudzi

Since you would NEVER do a media release on this subject, it’s up to me to spill the beans.

I see that some of your many accomplices in State Capture are finally going to get their day in court. I’ll bet you and that corrupt ex-cop Phahlane will not be singing their praises any longer, although with you, I would not be surprised.

I note that when the North West gangsters started their campaign of kidnapping and torture, they were acting under Mdluli’s directions. The same Mdluli that tried to stop my investigations exposing Selebi, some 20 years ago.

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It’s ironic that Mdluli started his own prison term yesterday. Something about birds and feathers comes to mind. Soon there we’ll need a whole prison for the corrupt cops, as there are so many of them lined up for jail.

I now understand why that crook Phahlane got these thugs to kidnap Sarah-Jane and myself, in the hope of silencing us.

Like you with your lies, they failed and now they will go to prison and we will get to watch the wheels of justice turn and you are powerless to stop it.

How sweet the smell of justice is.

There are a lot more generals going to follow them, of that I can guarantee.

I will NEVER give in until the job is done.

As I said before, many times, you and your accomplices are free to STOP ME IF YOU CAN!

Do the country a favour and STOP stealing our taxes to keep you in employment. Go get a proper job.

You are one of the many appointments by that criminal from Limpopo, Ntlemeza, that have to be


In the meantime, the DPCI can NEVER be trusted with a serial liar like you as its spokesman.

You simply CANNOT ever be believed, because, like the North West syndicate, you have too many skeletons to hide and have lied too often.

The wind has changed direction!

Northwest Cops to go on trial for kidnapping and torture

Ntebo Jan Mabula
Cliford Matome Kgorane
Ismail Dawood

Forensics for Justice note that, despite Apartheid being behind us for more than a quarter of a century, there are still dirty cops who think it’s OK to kidnap and torture South Africans.

It’s no coincidence that the accused were acting on the instructions of serving convict, Lt General Richard Mdluli, himself in prison for kidnap and torture. It’s also no coincidence that, of late, they were supported and protected by disgraced and dismissed ex-top-cop Lt General Phahlane and disgraced and dismissed, unlawfully appointed head of DPCI Major General Ntlemeza and his dishonest spokesman, Brigadier Mulaudzi, who was unlawfully brought into the DPCI from Limpopo.

The three main suspects in this kidnapping and torture matter, were part of the organised criminal gang of cops, who desperately tried (and failed) to prevent Forensics for Justice exposing chief of police and his many accomplices on charges of corruption involving hundreds of millions of Rand.

We will pursue the criminal generals until they are all in prison, where they belong. Not one of them will be let off the hook!

Although they are scheduled to appear at The Johannesburg Regional Court on 06 October 2020, we expect the accused to face further serious charges in the very near future and will not rest until they are all permanently behind bars where they belong.

  • Paul O’Sullivan is the founder of Forensics for Justice. 

Who is Paul O’Sullivan and why is he fighting the bad guys? Listen to this fascinating interview with him, on The Alec Hogg Show:

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