Mark Zuckerberg digs into very old media to change thousands of lives

A year ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg committed to make 2015 “a year of books” by challenging himself to finishing a book every fortnight. As you might imagined from one so disciplined (with a quest so public) the young billionaire fulfilled his commitment. And through the year shared (on Facebook naturally) what he was reading and, with each completed treatise, his impressions.

He kicked off with Moises Naim’s The End of Power and is ending with David Deutsch’s The Beginning of Infinity. Yesterday Zuckerberg wrote that reading “has given me more perspective on a number of topics…… The challenge has been intellectually fulfilling and I come away with a greater sense of hope and optimism.

“It’s not just book publishers who will be mourning the end of Zuckerberg’s bookworm phase. Over the past year, tens of thousands have coat-tailed his choices – many of them engaging with young Mark about what they had learnt and how it had altered their perspectives.

Clearly, it’s not only through Facebook that Zuckerberg has changed lives. He has delivered one of the greatest gifts of all to his many fans. A love of reading.

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