SA on its knees: Over 1m are descending on Bloem for massive “prayer rally”

South Africa is teetering on the the brink of an economic and social crisis, with the fragile democracy looking like it could easily crumble. The problems are induced by a clique of self-serving politicians who are feathering their own nests and those of their friends while at the same time stirring the pot of racial division. Opposition politicians in Parliament have repeatedly tried – and failed – to eject President Jacob Zuma from his seat as it becomes clear that South Africa has deteriorated into a kleptocracy. Citizens have taken to the streets to demonstrate against Zuma and his gang, but they too have failed to bring ANC leaders to their senses. The many scandals highlight the financial aspects of the Zupta state capture strategy, but a more tragic story is unfolding behind the headlines. Many people are suffering, and more will struggle in poverty and despair without a new political narrative. Angus Buchan of Shalom Ministries has decided to push for change using the power of prayer. His campaign resonates with many South Africans. Millions are expected to join him in Bloemfontein this weekend after hearing about the event through social media. – Jackie Cameron

Largest day of prayer in SA history

Media Release

“After 22 April, South Africa will be a changed country,” says Angus Buchan. He is referring to the “It’s time” gathering that will take place on a farm 4 km outside Bloemfontein and is expected to draw a crowd of over a million South Africans.

All indications are that this will be the largest day of prayer in the history of South Africa. “The day of prayer is intended for all South Africans of all genders, races and denominations who are concerned about the malice, hatred, violence, murder and corruption in the country,” says Buchan.

He says it is time to stop pointing fingers, disparaging and insulting, and to acknowledge that we are all to blame in some or other way and should embrace one another in Christ.

“It’s time to suit the action to the word. We declare war on the disregard for human life and unkindness. On 22 April, we will be drawing a line in the sand.”

The seed for the gathering was planted when a WhatsApp video did the rounds with a desperate outcry for Buchan or any other spiritual leader in South Africa to intervene and arrange such an event. When Buchan replied by posting a video on social media, he received 1,8 million responses within hours.

Meanwhile, preparations on the farm outside Bloemfontein to accommodate a million people are
under way.

It will be a day event from 10:00 to 16:00 on Saturday 22 April. Mr. Buchan is expected to address the gathering from 12:00 onwards. Only toilet facilities will be provided. All those attending must be self-sufficient with their own food and water. Tent and caravan stands will however be provided on neighbouring farms for people who wish to arrive the previous day. Thousands are expected to be accommodated in the guesthouses and on the guest farms in the Bloemfontein area.

Buchan appeals: “22 April will be a day much talked about by generations to come. Be part of the future and come and join us in prayer.”

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